Neptune, Doanld Trump and John Brown’s BodyJohn Brown Image

Neptune is the planet of false assumptions, the kind of false assumptions that either leave you looking like a fool or standing in the middle of disaster zone. During the past few years the horoscope of the United States has been getting a good dousing of Neptune. First we had transiting Neptune making an opposition to Neptune in the country’s natal chart. (This applied to any horoscope for the United States done for July 4, 1776 or thereabouts.) And now we have Neptune moving across theI.C of the Sibly horoscope for the U.S. (Click here to see that chart.)

The opposition of Neptune to its natal place brought us the “post-truth” era, the era in which experts (a.k.a. elites) in every field were denigrated and the only measure of truth that mattered was how well it matched your opinions. This led us to the to the January 6th insurrection and the belief still held by many in the Republican Party that, despite multiple recounts, legal opinions and testimony to the contrary, the 2020 election was stolen.

Neptune eventually moved beyond that transit and, for a while, it looked like we might get back to a semblance of normality. Democrats and Republicans were arguing about the deficit and foreign policy and accusing each other of various crimes, just like in the old days. But then Neptune moved a few degrees to conjunct the Sibly I.C.

The first exact hit of that aspect was in mid-April 2023, but Neptune is a slow-moving planet and it was within a degree of the conjunction by late Mar. This was when the first indictment of Donald Trump came down. Those indictments kept coming as Neptune moved past this conjunction and then turned retrograde. Neptune has now returned to within a one degree orb of that aspect and, of course, a few days ago Trump was indicted for the fourth time.

The next time this aspect is exact will be in Feb. 2024. It’s likely that by that time one or more of these cases will have been adjudicated. Then, as was mentioned in a previous article, Neptune will be within a one degree orb of conjunction to the Sibly IC on Election Day 2024. Regardless of what happens in court, that will be the ultimate judgement of Donald Trump’s guilt or innocence.

It might be good to look back had what happened the last time Neptune was conjunct the Sibly I.C. That occurred in 1859, around the time that the radical abolitionist, John Brown, was organizing his raid on the U.S. military arsenal at Harper’s Ferry in what was then Virginia. The raid occurred on Oct.16, 1859, when the aspect was just a little beyond a one degree orb. Brown’s plan was to take weapons from that facility and use them to arm African American slaves who would then rise in a rebellion against their white master all across the South.

Of course, both John Brown and the Northern abolitionist who supported him had made several false assumptions. Federal troops quickly cornered Brown and his band of liberators inside the arsenal and the slave revolt never materialized. Instead, John Brown was captured, hanged and, as Julia Ward Howe put it in “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”, his body “lies moldering in the grave.”

Neptune’s was also conjunct the Sibly I.C. on Nov. 6, 1860, when Abraham Lincoln was elected president. This led to a new and even more dangerous set of false assumptions. Lincoln had been open about his personal aversion to slavery but he had made no promises to abolish the institution. Northerners assumed that Southern slave owners would accept that and acquiesce to the election results. Meanwhile, many people in the South assumed that Lincoln couldn’t be believed and that his election signaled the end of slavery.

Meanwhile, there was another transit impacting the Sibly chart. Transiting Uranus, that bringer of radical change and chaos, moved into a conjunction to the Sibly Descendant and Uranus in the natal U.S. chart in 1860. That aspect was within a degree when the attack on Fort Sumpter set off the American Civil war on Apr.12, 1861.

It remains to be seen who’s made the false assumption about the people of the United State with this 2023-24 passage of Neptune over the Sibly I.C. Is it Democrats who think that these indictments will accomplish anything other than deepen Trump’s hold on rank and file Republicans? Or is it Trump and his supporters, who think that the American people will actually vote for man who has been indicted on four charges and may well have been convicted of at least a couple of them by the time of the election? Or could it be both?

And what about Uranus? The good news is that transiting Uranus will not be at the same place it was in April 1861 until 2027, long after this Neptune transit has passed. However, the planet will be square the Moon in the Sibly chart for the U.S. in 2024 and on Apr. 12, 2025 (164 years after Fort Sumpter) that square will be with a two degrees of exact and closing quickly. So, once again, the false assumptions of Neptune are going to be colliding with the chaos of Uranus.

That sounds ominous but the fact is that transits (like history) do not repeat themselves. They just rhyme. So, there’s no reason to expect another civil war. However, we can expect the events that coincide with these transit to “sound” a lot like what happened in 1861, and that’s not likely to be sweet music to anyone.


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