Looking Ahead to Election Day 2024 (Part Three)

In previous articles we looked at the transits for Election Day 2024 and how those transits impact the horoscope on President Joe Biden. (Click on Part One or Part Two to see those articles.) Now we’re going to consider the transit of his most likely opponent (as it seems at this time) on that day, Donald Trump. (Click on Donald Trump to see a double chart with his in the center and the chart for Nov. 5 on the outside.)

In the horoscope of Joe Biden the dominant aspect for Election Day 2024, transiting Mars opposed to transiting Pluto, was an important factor. In the horoscope of Donald Trump it is not much of a factor (though the planets are near the Twelfth, Sixth House cusps in several house systems). In other ways, however, the situation in Trump’s chart is similar to Biden’s. Like Biden he too will be dealing with an important Uranus transit on Election Day. Uranus will be moving retrograde within two degrees of Trump’s Midheaven. The planet will also be square his natal Mars.

As I said in the previous article, judging a Uranus transit can be tricky. In Trump’s case a lot will depend on what happens with his various legal entanglements. It seems likely that these issues will dominate the months prior to the election. At other times, with other candidates, being the subject of several criminal indictments would be political death, but that’s not been the case with Trump. When you add mischievous Uranus to this mix, anything can happen.

In Biden’s chart we had the ruler of the Tenth House of career and leadership conjunct his Ascendant on Election Day. In Donald Trump’s chart Venus rules the Tenth and it is opposite his natal Sun (which is placed in the Tenth) on Nov. 5. This will certainly highlight his career goals and, given the benefic nature of Venus, make this an overall pleasant day for him.

Also like Biden, Trump also has a Neptune transit on Nov. 5, 2024. In Trump’s case Neptune will be quincunx his natal Mars which is technically in the Twelfth House but very close to the Ascendant. The quincunx is not considered aa powerful as the trine we saw in Biden’s chart and its influence is closer to the indefinite, obscure side of Neptune than the planet’s dream-come-true qualities. Therefore is not likely to help him.

Still, taken all together, these transits seem to indicate that Donald Trump is going to have a better day on Nov. 5, 2024 than Joe Biden. Of course, that doesn’t mean he wins the election. It just means that he will finish the day feeling optimistic. Venus moves quickly and by noon on Nov. 6, that transit will no longer be a factor. Biden, on the other hand, will be dealing with the Mars square to his Moon for several days after the 5th and with the Pluto square for the next twelve months. (In fact, this Pluto square will be in effect for all of 2024, but more about that at a later time.)

Obviously, what happens to Joe Biden on or around Election Day is going to have much deeper implication. However, this still doesn’t mean he loses the election. Another possibility is that neither Trump nor Biden is on the ballot on Nov. 5. Such a development, which might seem surprising at present, would be totally in keeping with the Uranus transits both will be experiencing in 2024. Of course, that brings us back to a more detailed reading of those transits and the time in which they occur. For that we will have to wait.


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