Looking Ahead to Election Day 2024 (Part Two)donkeyelephant

There was a time when no one knew who was running for the presidency of the United States until the summer before the election, when the party conventions were held. Even then, the campaigns were relatively moderate affairs with some candidates, like William McKinley in 1896, running “front porch” campaigns in which they rarely traveled or made personal appearances.

That is no longer the case, of course, and the campaign for the 2024 election is already well underway. The two frontrunners, Joe Biden for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans both have well-establish leads in the current polling but a lot of things can happen in a year and a half. The political winds are likely to shift is ways that are not yet foreseen.

Of course, the astrological winds will also be shifting. For example, both Biden and Trump will be going through important Uranus transits during the summer before the election. Uranus transits disrupt the status quo, sometimes in a bad way, sometimes in a good way. Guessing which way the transit will go requires a detailed study of other astrological factors and the circumstances at hand. I’ll save that for later articles.

What we can do now is look at the transits influences the horoscopes of the candidates on Election Day. This is not necessarily a good way of predicting winners and losers. There are many ways in which a day can turn lousy that have nothing to do with politics. Still, it can gives us hint. We’ll start with the incumbent, Joe Biden. (Click here to see a double chart with Biden's in the center and the transits for Nov. 5 on the outside..)

On Nov. 5, 2024 transiting Mercury will be conjunct his natal Ascendant and transiting Neptune will be trine his natal Sun and Venus. These are positive aspects, particularly when we consider that Mercury rules Biden’s Tenth House of career. Neptune transits can take on a “dream-come-true” quality and the fact that the aspect is a trine argues against change and for a continuation of the status quo, that is to say a Biden presidency.

However, the results of a Neptune transit are rarely clear cut. Neptune dissolves boundaries and it rarely hands us definitive answers or solid facts. We also have to consider that Biden’s Sun and Venus are in the Twelfth House. In traditional astrology this is considered a very unfortunate placement. Obviously, that’s not always the case. The guy’s President of the United States, after all. But it is true that people with a Twelfth House emphasis often have their best moments sabotaged either by their own actions or factors beyond their control.

Adding to Neptune’s lack of definition is the transit of Uranus in Biden’s chart. On Nov. 5, 2024 it will be within two degrees of a opposition to Biden’s natal Sun. This is the important Uranus transit I mentioned. It will be at its strongest on Aug. 31, 2024 but Uranus will still be adding its special brand of chaos on Election Day.

That brings us to my previous article on Election Day 2025 (click here to see that article) and the opposition of Mars to Pluto. On Nov. 5, 2024 this transiting opposition will be at a 90 degree angle to Joe Biden’s natal Moon at 0 degrees Taurus. In my previous article I described how the aspect is indicative of obsession, suspicion and the ruthless use of power. People with this aspect impacting their natal chart often find themselves fighting against powers beyond their control.

These can be periods of frustration and profound disappointment. Of course, this aspect could manifest in ways that are personal and have nothing to do with the election. It is also possible, considering Biden’s age, that he could experience a health crisis. However, one thing that is clear is that, regardless of how the election turns out, Nov. 5, 2024 is not going to be a good day for Joe Biden.


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