Looking Ahead to Election Day 2024 (Part One)

Astrologers can be a gloomy a lot. Gather a bunch of them around a mundane chart (a horoscope for a future event) and you’re almost always going to hear more negative predictions than positive. Those predictions can range from “You better watch out.” to “Run for the hills!” but the general message is that there are more “bad” aspects than “good” ones and even the “good” ones can’t be always trusted.

I was thinking of this when I decided to take a peak at the chart for the U.S. presidential election on Nov. 5, 2024. This election is already shaping up to be a wild affair, with one of the major contenders facing several criminal indictments and the other’s son under investigation by a federal prosecutor. So it’s not surprising that when I looked at the chart my eyes immediately landed on something ominous. (Clickhere here to see that horoscope.) That ominous aspect is the opposition of Mars (at 0 degrees of Leo) to Pluto (at 29 degrees of Capricorn).

Astrologers tend to get excited when they see planets on the first or last degrees of a sign. These placements seem to give the planet a little more punch and, considering negative reputation of both Mars and Pluto, that’s not a good thing.

Any reading of a Mars to Pluto aspect starts with the word “power.” This power can be displayed through physical coercion or subtly implied threats. It can come from a powerful individual but it is more likely to involved powerful institutions. Pluto represents power beyond our control while Mars has to do with aggression and violent intent. The aspect is also an indicator of obsession, frustration and a refusal to compromise.

This is obviously not the sort of aspect you want to see during a democratic election. It strongly indicates that, once again, we’re going to have a section of the electorate suspicious of and unwilling to accept the results of the vote. They will be feeling oppressed by a power they can’t see (in other words, by a conspiracy) and they’re going to express that dissatisfaction forcefully.

When judging an election we also have to consult the horoscope of the United States. There are several horoscopes proposed for the U.S. The one I use is the Sibly chart done for July 4, 1776 at 4:46 PM in Philadelphia. (Click here to see that chart.) When I compared that chart to the Election Day chart I immediately found something to worry about. That was the placement of transiting Neptune on theI.C. I.C. of that horoscope.

During 2021 and 2022 we dealt with the opposition nof transiting Neptune and the Sibly natal Neptune. This was a era of election deniers and recounts on top of recounts. The congressional election of 2022 seemed to quiet many of these suspicions but this aspect indicates that they are bound to return.

Of course, there are other ways of judging these aspects. I know of some astrologers who would read this as a fraudulent election rife with corruption, foreign interference and voter suppression. There are others (not many unfortunately) who might say that the positive indicators in the Election Day chart will outweigh the Mars to Pluto opposition. Personally, I’m rooting for the latter group though my own opinion leans toward the former. In future articles I will compare the horoscope for Election Day 2024 with the charts of the two men who are presently the major contenders for the presidency.


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