Following the Moon: Aug. 16, 2023GGAMoon

The Full Moon chart for Aug. 1 had the Sun in the Ninth House (click here  to see the article and the chart) which signaled that courts would play an important role in the events of that lunation. That’s precisely what happened. We got two more indictments for Donald Trump and a special prosecutor being appointed in the Hunter Biden case. I also said that Jupiter’s square to the Sun and Moon might have a benevolent effect. That’s what Republicans in Congress are alledging with their criticism of man chosen to be the special prosecutor.

I was wrong about the writers and actors strike. Though negotiation are ongoing, there was no movement in the matter. Instead, the placement of Venus on the Midheaven of that Full Moon chart drew our attention to Hawaii, America’s island paradise, and the fires that devastated Maui. Of course, this was also validation of what I wrote about the long square to the Nodes of the Moon by Pluto and its karmic link to climate change.

The New Moon chart for Aug. 16 is quite different from the previous lunation. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) The Sun and the Moon are in the First House, marking this as a particularly significant lunation, where they are conjunct Venus. They also form an almost exact square with Uranus in the Tenth House, an indicator of sudden and radical change.

When we hear the word “change” alarm bells tend to go off in our head, but the sudden changes that Uranus often brings do not have to be negative. The fact that Venus is also in the First House and involved in this configuration does seem to give the square a more benefic slant. Another possibility is that we get news that is sudden and shocking (like we might expect from a Uranus square) along with other events that are reassuring or enlightening (Venus and Jupiter).

What is also interesting about this New Moon chart is that it features a Kite configuration. This is created by a Grand Trine involving Uranus, Mars and Pluto with Neptune opposed to Mars and sextile both Uranus and Pluto. These configurations are always striking but interpreting them always comes down to looking at the individual aspects. In this chart most of those aspects are rather wide. The only one that is remarkably close in the trine between Uranus and Mars.

Since Mars is placed in the Second House we might see this trine an indication good news about the economy. However, Mars is also conjunct Mercury and both planets are in the Mercury-ruled sign of Virgo. This seems to describe a breakthrough involving artificial intelligence, technology in general or perhaps the business of technology.

Overall, this chart describes a very interesting lunation period. Things are going to happen during the next two weeks that are going to surprise us and shake up our preconceptions. However, these events may also open the door to new ideas and new opportunities. In either case, this will be a period during which we all should remain alert to what’s happening around us.


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