Following the Moon: Aug. 1, 2023 GGAMoon

The New Moon chart for July 17 (click here here to see the article and the chart) featured the Sun and the Moon in the Ninth House. I felt this indicated movement in the matters currently before the court. We got plenty of that during this past lunation period. First we had the judge in the Hunter Biden case withdraw a previous plea deal. Then we had new charges added to one of the two indictments against Donald Trump, along with rumbles of a impeding third.

One thing I got wrong, however, involved the conjunction of Mercury to the Midheaven in that New Moon chart. I thought it might highlight the media, since Mercury is associated with communication. Instead, we got Mercury’s association with commerce and travel in the form of threats of a strike by delivery drivers at UPS. We can thank the square of Jupiter to Mercury in that chart for the fact that, at this time, it seems that such a strike has been avoided.

The Full Moon chart for Aug. 1 (click here to see the chart) is similar to the New Moon chart. Once again we have the Sun in the Ninth House with the Moon in the Third and we have a planet conjunct the Midheaven. In this chart it is retrograde Venus, which is square Uranus and quincunx Neptune.

The placement of the Sun in the Ninth indicates that matters involving the courts will continue to dominate the news for the next lunation period. That third indictment of Donald Trump may come down. We might even get a fourth. There could also be movement in the Hunter Biden case or some other high profile legal proceeding. In the New Moon chart the Sun and Moon were opposed to Pluto. That favored the representatives of power, that is to say the prosecution. In this Full Moon chart the Sun and Moon are square Jupiter. I think that this might give the edge to the defense or indicate benevolence in the way that the laws are applied.

I feel that the conjunction of Venus and the Midheaven in this chart is going to put the spotlight on the strike by screenwriters and actors. This strike has not had the immediate effect on the economy that a UPS strike would have had but, as it continues, its influence will be felt, and not just in terms of entertainment content. The fact that Venus is square Uranus indicates that we will see changes is this situation, though they might not be for the better.

The opposition of Saturn to Mercury, which is in theTenth House might also have a connection to this strike. There are rumors that the big studios have begun investing in artificial intelligence. Will audiences flock to see a virtual Tom Hanks performing with a virtual Margot Robbie in a movie written and directed by an algorithm? We may soon find out.

I mentioned the square of Pluto to the Nodes of the Moon Nodes of the Moon in my analysis of the New Moon chart for July 17. I thought it might relate to gun violence. I’ve changed my mind on that. Now I feel that it is manifesting in the heat wave that has been gripping this country and several others over the past month or so. The Nodes are sometimes thought of as indicators of karma and climate change is all about bad karma. This aspect is going to remain within a two degree orb until the end of September.


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