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Hillary Picks Tim Kaine

Hillary Clinton took the safe, politically expedient course when she chose Tim Kaine as her running mate. Kaine will help her win in Virginia, a crucial state for the Democrats, and he’s unlikely to anger any other faction of the party, too much. Obviously, Sanders supporters would have preferred a candidate with more liberal, anti-corporate credentials, (like Elizabeth Warren) but with Donald Trump looming on the other side, their options are limited.

This isn’t to say that there won’t be voices raised against this choice, and angry protests at the convention. We can see evidence of this in Tim Kaine’s horoscope. (Click here to see a double chart with a horoscope done for noon on Tim Kaine’s birthday on the inside and a chart for yesterday on the outside.) This chart shows Pluto moving retrograde across Kaine’s natal Capricorn Mars. This is an aspect of struggle and frustration. It indicates that he sees his selection as a daunting challenge, and is prepared for a grueling slog.

There are positive aspects in the chart. Transiting Sun forms a square with his natal Jupiter and it will be opposed to his natal Venus during the next few days. Anytime you get these planets together it’s a party. They indicate victory, fellowship and expansion. But the aspects are all hard and stressful, so there will be an undercurrent of dread even in the midst of celebration.

Part of the stress that Kaine is feeling may be the prospect of being the Vice President under Hillary Clinton. Recent reports indicate that Mike Pence may have been promised a huge role in both domestic and foreign policy if he becomes Vice President. He would basically be running the country while Trump promoted the “Make American Great” brand. Being Clinton’s Vice President, on the other hand, would very different matter. Being a Scorpio, Clinton will know exactly what she wants to do and how she intends to do it. There will probably little of substance left for Kaine to do.

Of course, Tim Kaine is a Pisces by Sun Sign, so he is better able to adapt to a new, and somewhat reduced, role than most people. It should be noted that, since we do not have a time of birth for Kaine, there are likely things going on in his chart that I cannot see. Also, by Election Day Pluto will have moved more than a degree away from Kaine’s Mars, lessening his sense of frustration.  However, it was will conjunct his Mars again in December and early January