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Ted Cruz Takes a Calculated RiskTed Cruz

Last night Ted Cruz was booed off the stage at the Republican convention after he refused to endorse Donald Trump and advised his fellow Republicans to “vote their conscience.” This was certainly not a popular thing to say at what was supposed to be the coronation of the GOPs nominee, but Capricorn’s don’t worry about being popular. They play the long game.

At the time of his speech Mars was crossing Cruz’s natal Jupiter, so he was in the mood to take a risk. However, being a Capricorn, it was a carefully calculated risk. His reasoning is simple. If Trump fails badly in the election, or wins and flounders as president, then Ted Cruz will be the one guy who stood up for Tea Party conservatism against the Trump drunk mob. That could be a nice place to be four years from now when Republicans are looking for a new candidate.

There are some people who feel that Cruz overplayed his hand, that by alienating the Trump voters he alienated the new core of the Republican Party. This could be true, but when Mars gets together with natal Jupiter, you don’t have the time or the patience to listen to contrary opinions. It is a time for action, a time to go with your gut feelings.

Of course, for Capricorn even impulsive actions come with contingency plans. If Cruz had endorsed Trump he would have joined all those nervous mainstream Repubicans who have boarded the Donald Trump bus and are biting their nails and hoping for the best. For better or worse, Cruz has separated himself from the herd. He will not be compelled to campaign for Trump. This will leave Cruz time to concentrate on more important things, like his own ambition to win the White House and tell everyone that he told them so.

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