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Mike Pence Gets Lucky

A month ago Indiana governor, Mike Pence seemed to be in big trouble. His restriction of abortion rights and his “Religious Freedom Act” (which essentially nullified laws prohibiting discrimination again gays and transsexuals) had energized Democratic opposition in his state. Polls showed him dead even with the Democratic challenger in the upcoming election. It looked like he was going to be in for a tough fight to retain his seat. But then Donald Trump called.

There’s no mystery why Trump selected Mike Pence as his V.P. Pence cements the loyalty of the evangelical mob, who might have wavered over Trumps very dubious claims of worshiping any divine being other than himself.  Of course, Pence will also piss off feminists and the LBGT community, but they aren’t likely to vote for Trump anyway.

Pence’s good fortune is clearly mapped out in his horoscope. (Click on Mike Pence to see a double chart with Pence’s horoscope done for noon in the center and yesterday’s chart on the outside.) Transiting Mars is conjunct Pence’s natal Jupiter, while transiting Uranus forms a nearly exact quincunx to both. At the same time the transiting Sun was trine Pence’s Jupiter.

Jupiter is the planet of expanded opportunities. Mars activates and calls us to battle. Uranus brings surprises and sudden changes in status. Trump has given Pence the opportunity to take fight for “Hoosier” values to a national audience. Since he was not a national figure before his selection, the announcement came as a surprise, and it suddenly transformed his status. The trine by Jupiter to his Sun further expanded his good fortune.

During the time when Trump officially announced his selection of Pence, Mercury and Venus were both within a degree of the governor’s natal Mars. This is a mixed aspect. Mercury conjunct Venus typically indicated good news. However Mars describes things that make us mad. It has to rankle Pence that a lot of people will be saying that he only got the job because so few nationally known republicans wanted it.

Of the lucky aspects to Mike Pence’s chart, only the quincunx to Uranus will be last more than a couple of days, and quincunxs involving Uranus can quickly turn sour. He’d better enjoy his moment of glory. It is easy to see how working with someone like Trump would present a challenge to a committed Christian like Pence, and this challenge is going to become painfully evident as the campaign continues.  On Election Day, Saturn will be moving into an opposition to Pence’s natal Sun. This indicates that, for whatever reason, Pence’s lucky streak will be coming to an end.

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