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Trump Going Into the Conventiontrumpimage

When the Republican convention begins on Monday, July 18, the horoscope of the party’s presumptive nominee, Donald Trump, will be impacted by some explosive aspects. Given Trump’s history for inflammatory rhetoric and unpredictability, these aspects should make this convention one to remember. (Click here to see a double chart with Trump's inside and the convention outside.)

First of all, Trump’s Sun will be pulling away from a conjunction with his natal Venus as the convention begins, so he will be walking through the door with a lot of confidence and feeling the love of his many supporters. At the same time, however, transiting Mars will have just passed his I.C. and will be moving into a square with his natal Mars. His mood will be aggressive, and he will approach the convention with a take-no-prisoners attitude. Any objections to his nomination, and there are bound to be a few, are going to be quashed in a quick and decisive manner.

Meanwhile, transiting Uranus will be squaring his natal Saturn and getting close to a square to his natal Venus. This is an interesting aspect, because Uranus turns retrograde before it completes its square to Venus. I will be curious to see to what degree this Uranus square activates the conjunction between Venus and Saturn in his natal chart. This aspect has a lot to do with Trump’s problems with women, (both personally and politically) and having these problems brought forward during the convention could cripple his campaign.

The most positive aspect Trump has going for him during this period is the trine to his natal Pluto by transiting Saturn. This aspect will give him the opportunity to bring out a more serious and weighty side of his volatile personality. The fact that first Mercury and then Venus conjunct his natal Pluto during the convention should help him in this regard, but these aspects will also sharpen his tongue and make him more prone to criticize and pronounce judgment. At a time when he should be making peace with the Republican establishment, this tendency could prove costly.

Basically, what these aspects tell us is that, during the convention, Trump with be Trump, only more so. Expect bombastic statements. Expect him to lash out at all of his enemies, both inside and outside the Republican Party. Expect him to say some things that will make the other side chortle; and other things that will light a fire in the bellies of his supporters. Most of all, expect some good TV.


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