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Hillary vs. DonaldHillaryvsDonald

I’ve stayed away from the politics in recent weeks because most of what I predicted has come to pass, and I saw no reason to repeat myself. In August of last year I wrote that Donald Trump’s campaign, which was regarded as joke at that time, was for real. In Feb. I predicted that Bernie Sander’s campaign would lose steam. That was a long time coming (kudos to Sanders), but he finally seems ready to surrender. And, again in August 2015, I said that Clinton would continue to be bedeviled by questions regarding her emails and her trustworthiness in general.

I knew Trump would be a major contender for the nomination because his secondary progressed Sun was moving across his Ascendant. This is a powerful aspect and one that allows us to focus our solar energy and project our ego, (and Trump has considerable ego to project.) That aspect will continue to be a factor in his chart through November, though it will be waning by Election Day.

Right now Trump’s campaign seems to be in trouble. He’s running out of money and many of his fellow Republicans are backing away from him. However, I think he will experience a surge during the first couple of weeks of August when transiting Jupiter squares his Sun. Also, during August and Sept, Saturn will be trine his Pluto which should help him consolidate his financial situation and focus his campaign.

The problems for Trump come from his secondary progressed Mars, which is square his Mercury. This is the aspect behind his brash, stream of consciousness speeches and nasty tweets. Mercury rules speech, Mars rules aggression and the square aspect represents too much. Need I say more? I don’t see any let up in Trump’s rash behavior because he also has his secondary progressed Jupiter square natal Saturn.  Under this aspect he will not be receptive to any restrictions or discipline.

Clinton’s problems come out the square between her secondary progressed Sun and her natal Neptune. This aspect dominates her chart in both the 8AM and 8PM versions. This is an aspect that obscures the ego, and makes defining yourself difficult. It Clinton’s case, the cloud that obscures her message is the email scandal, along with long list of other scandals and investigations that blighted her career.

Equally worrisome for Clinton is the trine to her natal Mars and Pluto conjunction by transiting Saturn. This aspect will once again bear down her in late October and continue through the election. Even though this is an"easy" aspect, the planets involved make it an aspect that describes struggle and hard times.The last time that this aspect was close, a damning report from the State Dept. on Clinton's email use came out.

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto in Clinton’s chart, along with her Scorpio Sun, show us that she is one tough customer. The fact that the aspect is a trine tells that she will enjoy this fight. However, it remains to be seen is she is tough enough to overcome both the Neptune aspect in her secondary progressed chat and the aspect from Saturn.

Looking at these aspects, I have to conclude that anyone who expects Hillary Clinton to walk away with this election is dead wrong. In fact, from a purely astrological view point, I really don’t think Clinton can win. However, given the situation in Donald Trump’s chart, he could easily self-destruct and lose. And that is going to be the thing to watch in the coming months. Not if the Democratic candidate can win, but if and how the Republican candidate will manage to lose.

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