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The Power of Exact AspectsMateenImage

It’s rare to find an aspect between two planets in a horoscope that is exact, that is to say involving two planets at the same degree and minute of the same or different signs. However, finding aspecting planets within a degree of exact, or partile (in astrological lingo), is somewhat more common. It’s been my contention for a long time that these partile aspects deserve special attention.

The perpetrator of the Orlando massacre, Omar Mateen, is a good example of this. In a horoscope charted for noon on his birth date (click here to see the chart) Mateen’s Sun was within a degree of a perfect 90 degree square to his Mars. This aspect remains within a degree no matter what time of day he was born.

Information coming out now indicates that Mateen was a sexually confused young man with definite anger issues. His decision to lash out at a gay night club had less to do with terrorism than an acting out of his personal insecurities and rage, (as if that makes a difference to the victims, or the people who care for them.)

The aspect between Mars and the Sun is loaded with violent potential. It describes a high energy personality, but also a competitive and combative nature. When the aspect is within a degree, those martial inclinations become unavoidable. They have to find an outlet. Obviously, there are thousands of outlets Marteen could have chosen that didn’t involve shooting people, but he felt compelled by motivations we may never totally understand to take the destructive option.

Aspects within a degree also dominate the chart of Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the couple who perpetrated the San Bernardino shooting. Farook had Mercury in a nearly exact conjunction with Mars (click on Syed Farook to see the chart), and Malik very likely (we don't have a time of birth) had Mercury in a partile square with Pluto. (Click on Tashfeen Malik to see the horoscope.) If she had been born late in the evening, Malik would also have had Venus within a degree of a square with Saturn.

These nearly exact aspects occur often in the horoscopes of high profile killers. Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook school shooter, had Venus within a degree of a square to his Uranus and Neptune.  James Eagan Holmes, the Aurora, Colorado shooter, has Mars almost exactly on his I.C. We can even reach back in history to Lee Harvey Oswald, who had Mercury in a partile square to Mars, and James Earl Ray who had Mars within a degree of an exact square with his Moon.

All square aspects compel us to act. Square aspects within one degree just push us a little bit harder. When these aspects occur in a horoscope it is important that the person consciously seek out positive outlets for that energy. Because if they don’t, particularly if the partile aspect involves Mars or Pluto, the impetus to do something destructive will be hard to resist.