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Another Way of Looking at Saturn square Neptune

There are always multiple ways of looking at astrological aspects. Each planet, each sign and each aspect can have different meanings in different situations. In my last entry I emphasized the constricting influence that Saturn is exerting on compassion, as represented by Neptune in Pisces, through the ongoing square between those two planets. Click here to see that article.) However, that’s hardly the only way that this powerful aspect can be described.

This occurred to as I was reading about Britain’s proposed exit from the European Union. Several economic experts have come forward to say that leaving the E.U. would have, at the very least, an adverse effect on the British economy. Some predict disaster. And yet polls show that British voters are equally split on the issue.

The movement to have Britain leave the E.U. is being led by a right-wing party that opposes immigration. It should be noted that certain members of the party have been accused of outright racism. It is not clear that leaving the E.U. would have any effect on immigration, but this group has made xenophobia major part of their campaign.

The similarity between this movement in Britain and Donald Trump’s campaign in the U.S. is obvious. Both are using fear of foreigners as a means of getting votes. The connection between these attitudes and the constriction of compassion represented by Saturn square Neptune is also obvious. However, there is another way of looking this relationship.

I interpreted the aspect between Saturn and Neptune by assuming that the faster moving planet (Saturn) would be acting on the slower moving planet (Neptune.) But what happens when we reverse this point of view. Then we have Saturn, which rules authority figures, coming under the influence of Neptune, which (at its lowest end) symbolizes delusion and muddled thinking.

If you want an example of muddled thinking, read a transcript of one of Donald Trump’s speeches. Meanwhile, across the pond, a particular set of British leaders seem to be under the delusion that leaving the E.U. will somehow return their country to the glory days of the British Empire. The interesting thing about delusions is that they often come with catchy titles. Donald Trump is going to “Make America Great Again.” In Britain the movement to leave the E.U. is labeled “Brexit.”

Fortunately for the U.S. this square between Saturn and Neptune will be ending in September, well before the election, so we’ll have time to retrieve our collective sanity. Britain is not so lucky. Their referendum will be held in the midst of this aspect. This makes me think that the “Brexit” movement could actually win, and British economy (along with the world economy) will suffer the consequences.

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