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The MeetingJobsWozniakImage

In the U. S. we like to think that successful people have all pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps, that their success is completely the product of hard work, determination and the right idea. However, when we look more closely we find that good timing and plain old luck typically play a significant role in most success stories. And that’s where astrology comes in.

Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs describes an example of this: the meeting of a particularly bright high school student named Steve Jobs with a guy who had already been kicked out of two colleges, Steve Wozniak. Sadly the specific date of the meeting was not recorded, but we know that it happened during the first half of 1971.

The the two men would eventually launch Apple computers were introduced by a mutual friend and, despite the difference in their ages, they hit it off immediately. Both were intensely interested in electronics, and both had a bit of the outlaw in them. They used their wits to play pranks and subvert authority.

I’ve taken the liberty of subtracting two minutes off the recorded birth time of Jobs to give him an Aquarian Ascendant. This is something I rarely do, but the influence of Aquarius in way Jobs dealt with other people is undeniable. (Click on Steve Jobs to see the chart.) The horoscope still shows the Sun, representing Jobs’ ego, strongly placed and demanding attention in his First House. It is a dynamic chart with two nearly exact oppositions. Jobs was a complex person with several conflicting tendencies.

Wozniak’s is a much gentler horoscope. (Click on Steve Wozniak to see the chart.) There are no hard aspects, and it is dominated by conjunctions. It is what we might call and “easy” horoscope and describes someone who avoids adversity and conflict. The fact that his Moon conjuncts Venus in Cancer in Wozniak’s Tenth House, reinforces this tendency.

During the Spring of 1971 transiting Saturn opposed to Jobs’ natal Saturn. This is an important juncture in one of the two Saturn Cycles. So the meeting was crucial stepping stone in the completion of Jobs’ life mission. It was also a test. Jobs’ could have written Wozniak off as a loser, an over-grown kid with no ambition, but he didn’t.

In Wozniak’s chart Pluto was moving across his Virgo Ascendant during the period when he met Jobs. Pluto is particularly important in this chart since Wozniak has the Sun conjunct Pluto in his natal horoscope. Wozniak was a man looking for transformation. He wanted to be carried away by force greater than himself. Steve Jobs would be that force.

What would Steve Jobs have become without Steve Wozniak? He was certainly very smart and he possessed a powerful ego, but Jobs’ nonconformity, his intense, and contradictory personality, and his talent for pissing people off would have made life very difficult for him if he hadn’t had Wozniak’s engineering skill behind him. Jobs could have easily ended up a burned out hippy, watching other people do with technology things that he could have done much better.

As for Wozniak, there’s little doubt where he would have gone without Steve Jobs. When Apple was being born, it took the persuasion of all of his friends and his father to get Wozniak to quit his day job at Hewlett-Packard and work full time with Jobs. He would have been quite happy to live out his life an anonymous engineer, letting other people take credit for his brilliance.

But Pluto had other plans for Steve Wozniak, just as Saturn presented Steve Jobs a chose that he got right. And thus a fortunate meeting allowed two men to change the world.

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