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Johnny Depp and the Long Retrogradejohnnydepp

My wife has been pushing me to look at the horoscope of Johnny Depp, who's troubles on various fronts have been very much in the news. Depp beloved mother died on May 20 and his young wife filed for divorce three days later. More recently she has alleged that Depp hit her in the face, part of a pattern of abuse that she claims has characterized their short marriage.

What’s going on in Depp’s chart is pretty easy to see. (Click on Johnny Depp to see his horoscope.) Depp has been suffering through the long retrograde of Mars. Usually Mars aspects to our natal planets only last a day or two, so we have a couple of days of playing the Martian warrior and then we’re through.  However, because of its retrograde motion, Mars has been square his natal Mars and Uranus since the middle of May.

Mars and Uranus are conjunct in Depp's natal chart. When Mars and Uranus get together, there’s always trouble. Mars is the planet of action and conflict, while Uranus rules eccentricity and rebellion. Each tends to bring the worst out the other and the potential for violent behavior and erratic behavior is certainly there.  For the most part, Depp has kept this aspect in his chart fairly quiet, though he has frequently played outsiders in movies, and had developed a somewhat roguish reputation over the years. The slow square by retrograde Mars, however, seems to have brought out the conjunction's worst potential..

Another important aspect in Depp’s horoscope is the square between Jupiter and his Moon. The Moon represent the mother, but it also the place in your own psyche where you go for nurturing and protection. With Jupiter square the Moon, Depp needs a lot of nurturing.  Since Neptune is sextile the Moon, this tendency toward self-indulgence is increased.

 Neptune rules glamour and pop culture. The close sextile to his Moon is an important factor in his becoming something of a sex symbol.  But Neptune is also associated with escapism and addiction, and stories told by his young wife and by others indicate that Depp also struggles with these issues for a long time.

The slow square by transiting Mars to Depp’s natal Mars and Uranus may have caused the violent potential of this combination to the forefront of his life, but, even a slow Mars transit is temporary. The square is already separating.  It will return in August, but only or a few days. Other than that, Depp does not have any major transits or progressions. So Depp’s present troubles are not going to be life changing. Unfortunately, a little life changing could be exactly what he needs.

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