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Bill Cosby’s Calamity

The last time I wrote about Bill Cosby was back in 2014 when Pluto was crossing his Midheaven. (Click here to see the article.) This was when the accusations of rape against Cosby were first grabbing headlines.  That Pluto transit left the comedian’s reputation in tatters, but he was spared a jail sentence. Then I wrote that the pressure on him might lessen as Pluto moved away from that degree.

Unfortunately for Cosby, the ever growing list of accusers has kept the issue in the public eye even without Pluto’s help. Now, a prosecutor in Pennsylvania has decided to prosecute Cosby in criminal court on one of the few allegations against him in which the statute of limitations has not expired.  Cosby has been charged, but no trial date has been set.

What’s going on in Cosby’s chart right now is an opposition to his natal Moon by Neptune.  Cosby’s Moon forms a square aspect to the Nodes of the Moon in his chart, and transiting Saturn is conjunct the natal North Node and square to transiting Neptune and Cosby’s Moon.

Among other things, Neptune represents glamour and the glimmer of pop culture while the Moon represents our vulnerability. In his natal chart (click on Bill Cosby to see the horoscope) the Moon and Neptune are in a wide conjunction, a rather friendly arrangement. For most of his life Cosby has counted on his “star” quality to protect him.

However, now Neptune has moved to the opposite position, and Saturn is adding its two cents worth. Saturn curtails, constricts and judges. Cosby has been judged (at least in the court of public opinion) and the protection his star status once afforded him has been withdrawn. When people hear Bill Cosby’s name nowadays they don’t visualize the folksy comedian. They see a creepy sexual predator.

This has got to be a very confusing time for the aging actor. The shield that had protected him for so long from public scrutiny has been withdrawn. Now instead of repelling blame, his star status attracts it. The prosecutor who is pursuing criminal charges against him won reelection by promising to “get” Cosby.

The aspects to the Nodes of the Moon in Cosby’s chart work in a very different way. Here we are no longer talking about psychological issues, we are discussing fate. Cosby has debts. They may be more from this life than his last, but who knows? The conjunction of Saturn to his North Node represents a calling to account, and the judge is not of this earth.

A lot of people would like to see Bill Cosby behind bars, and this could happen. Uranus will move in retrograde to a position very near Cosby’s Ascendant in Dec of this year, and next year Pluto will begin an opposition to his Sun that will last, more or less, until Dec. 2018. By then Saturn will have move across his Midheaven and square its natal place. So the aspects are there for a dramatic change in Cosby’s status.

My feeling, however, is that the process started back in 2014 when Pluto crossed his Midheaven will take from the comedian all that needs to be taken. In or out of jail, Cosby is paying for his misdeeds in a way that is bound to do him the most harm. Glamour has turned into condemnation, and fate has judged him.

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