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Trump Targets Bill ClintonBillClinton Image

In secondary progressions, in which the natal horoscope is moved forward one day for every year, the outer planets like Saturn and Jupiter do not move very fast. During the first half of a lifetime their secondary progressed positions remain close to their natal positions. However, in some cases, Saturn and Jupiter do move enough as we get older to become a factor in the evolution of the secondary progressed chart.

This is what happened to Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. His secondary progressed Saturn had crept to within a degree of his natal Mercury and problems in his thinking, and in his definition of certain words, were rudely uncovered.

Mercury describes our problem-solving, decision-making ability. In Clinton’s natal chart Mercury is strongly aspected. It is conjunct Saturn and Pluto and sextile Venus, Neptune and Mars.  Clinton is a smart guy with a multifaceted mind. In his natal chart the conjunction with Saturn gave his thinking focus and practicality, while the conjunction to Pluto adds the ability to get to the roots of problems. Neptune added imagination, Mars forcefulness and Venus charm.

But there are also problems with Clinton’s Mercury.  The planet is in Leo, (along with his Sun) and Mercury in Leo tends to gloss over the flaws in its thinking.  In Clinton’s case, those flaws had to do with sex, and as Saturn tightened its conjunction with Mercury, those misjudgments were made painfully evident.

Now Donald Trump is responding to allegations about his mistreatment of women by pointing a finger at the multiple indiscretions of Bill Clinton. Some people think this is a brilliant ploy by Trump. Others consider it the old “I’m rubber, you’re glue” defense that doesn’t even work that well on the schoolyard.

It should be noted that in Bill Clinton’s current secondary progressed chart (click here to see a double chart with the natal horoscope in the middle and secondary progressions on the outside) Saturn is still within a degree of a conjunction with his natal Mercury. Saturn is the taskmaster of the solar system and it is by no means through reminding Clinton of his mistakes.

What’s new in Clinton’s secondary progress chart is the movement of Jupiter into a nearly exact square to his natal Mercury. This is why the old story has suddenly become current.  However, Jupiter is doing more than just activating the conjunction of Saturn and Mercury. It is calling on Clinton to open up and speak frankly about the errors he made.

In Clinton’s autobiography the sex scandal that dominated his second term was blown off with just a couple of lines. Whether or not Trump’s tactics will hurt the candidacy of his wife is not really the issue Bill Clinton faces. That issue is making amends with the American people for an egregious betrayal of their trust, and apologizing to the people whose lives were disrupted by his misjudgments. That’s what Saturn and Jupiter are expecting of Bill Clinton. It remains to be seen if he will comply with these astrological demands.

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