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Dealing with Those Bad Mars MomentsMarsSymbol

In ancient astrology Mars was considered to be one of the bad guys, a malefic. It was associated with war, conflict, blood and anger. People with a significant configuration involving Mars might have been told that they were fated to suffer a violent death, (not an uncommon thing in those days), or to become a soldier (a career that in those times typically ended in a violent death.)

Modern astrologers have, to a large degree, moved away from the concept of “malefic” planets, and tend to emphasize Mars as a symbol of physical energy, competitive spirit and athleticism. The association with war, conflict and particularly anger remains, but in today’s world we thankfully have way of expressing anger and aggression that don’t require the shedding of blood.

Nonetheless, people with Mars (or the sign Mars rules, Aries) strongly represented in their horoscopes are often subject to bad Mars moments, moments when that old warrior spirit takes over.  In these moments they will react quickly, aggressively and sometimes thoughtlessly to any perceived challenge.They attack, They become stressed, combative and impatient. (In case you’re wondering, Donald Trump has Mars strongly place in Leo, on his Ascendant.)

As offensive as these traits can be in certain situations, they are not intrinsically negative. There are times when aggressiveness is called for, and even anger can be useful if it spurs us to combat injustice and resist oppression. There are things in this life worth fighting for, and Mars is there to make sure that we have the fire in our bellies to fight those fights.

The key to making the best use of Mars in your horoscope is to understand exactly what it is that is stirring up that Mars energy. Even though we tend to think of Mars as the brave, swaggering warrior, very often what inspires our Martian movements is fear, and a sense that they are being threatened. The threat may occasionally be physical, but it much more likely to be a threat to their self-esteem or prestige.

Repressing your Mars energy is not really an option. It will always find an outlet somewhere, and almost never in a productive or socially acceptable way. You can try to channel it into physical activity, or punch a pillow, or talk mean to your cat (cat’s don’t really care), but the best way to deal with a bad Mars moment is to stop being afraid.

You make Mars a positive force in your life by finding your courage. When Mars is responding to courage it is good, clean and heroic. It makes things happen and inspires those who may be lacking in Mars energy. More importantly, a courageous Mars tends to dampen our fears and make bad Mars moments much less frequent.

So, the next time you feel Mars rising up inside you ask yourself this question. Am I reacting out of fear or courage?  If it’s the latter, let that at warrior spirit flow in all its glory. But if it is fear that making your heart thump and your blood pressure jump, deal with the fear, and let the warrior rest.

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