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Donald Trump at the Republican Convention

Sometimes astrology tells us stuff that we’d rather not hear. When I saw that Donald Trump was starting his presidential campaign at a key point in his Saturn Cycles, I knew he was in the race to stay. And when I saw that his secondary progressed Sun was crossing his natal Ascendant, I knew that it was going to be very hard for anyone to beat him. (Click here and here to see those articles from 2015.) Much to my displeasure, I was right on both counts.

Now that he is the nominee, Trump should be looking for a way to bring the Republican Party together. However, as I pointed out in my last article on “the Donald”, his secondary progressed Mars in square his natal Mercury. This is the aspect that is behind all the inflammatory things Trump has said during his campaign. It is hardly conducive to making peace with one’s rivals. Though I’m sure that people around Trump are working hard to mend fences, and some people in the Republican Party are resolved to make the best of a bad deal, getting Trump to tone down his rhetoric is going to be tough.

That brings us to the Republican Convention in July. As I said in a previous article, the T-square of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune has left us with a lot of confusions and indefinites in politics. However, one thing is sure. Donald Trump will be walking into the Republican Convention at a time when his virtually everything in his horoscope will be crying out for a fight.

The conventions is set to begin on July 18 in Cleveland, Ohio, but I think the fireworks will start a couple of days earlier, when the Sun conjuncts Trumps natal Venus and Saturn and squares transiting Uranus. At the same time transiting Mars will be crossing Trump’s I.C. My guess is that a statement or announcement around this time will set the stage for a major battle during the actual convention.

By July 18 the Sun will have moved beyond Trump's Venus and Saturn, but transiting Uranus will still be closing in on a 90 degree angle to these planets. Likewise, transiting Mars will have separated somewhat from Trump’s I.C., but it will just over a degree away from perfecting a square to his natal Mars. Meanwhile, transiting Mercury will be conjunct Trump’s natal Pluto. (Click here to see Trump’s chart with the convention chart on the outside.)

With all this going on in his chart, Donald Trump is not going to be in a conciliatory mood. He’s going to be feeling combative and impetuous. The square by Uranus to his Venus and Saturn indicates that there will be betrayals and abrupt changes in alliances. The transiting Mercury aspect hints at an opening volley of criticisms and complaints.

Nothing much changes over the three days of the convention, except that Mercury moves beyond Trump’s natal Pluto and Venus takes its place. The aspects by transiting Uranus and Mars just keep getting closer. When you put this altogether, it seems clear that the Republican Convention is going to be an exciting time. What’s not so clear is how the Republican Party will look when it’s finished.

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