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Saturn Square Jupiter AgainSatSqJupImage

A couple of months ago Saturn and Jupiter passed through an exact 90 degree angle. This square aspect was linked to other aspect to Pluto and Uranus. The result was a rising sense of political outrage. We saw violence at Trump rallies and Sanders’ supporters vowing not to vote if Clinton got the nomination. (Click here to see the previous article.)

Now we are approaching another exact square between Jupiter and Saturn, but this time the aspect is linked to Neptune, which is opposite Jupiter and square Saturn. Neptune distracts and clouds thinking. It is the planet of illusion, false hopes and false fears.  Predictably, now the political mood has turned from outrage to confusion and undefined goals.


Trump has emerged as the Republican nominee, we think. At least, all of his opponents in the race have dropped out. However, many powerful people within the Republican Party, such as Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, and the entire Bush clan, are reluctant to endorse him.  How can Trump lead a party in which so many have worked so hard to block his nomination? What going to happen at the Republican Convention? The questions abound.

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side the pundits all seem pretty sure that Hillary Clinton will get the delegates she needs to attain the nomination, but battlin’ Bernie Sanders will not give up. His win in Indiana has further muddied the political waters. Could he prove the pundits wrong? Even if he doesn’t, how will the Democratic convention deal with an influx of his youthful followers?

Typically, at least in recent times, the nomination process is over by this point and the big questions have been answered. The conventions are planned more as victory parties than decisive conclaves. This could be the year when all of that changes. Could Cruz and Fiorina get together to form a third, truly conservative party? (They could call it the Mean Party.) Could Sanders’ "revolution" push the Democratic platform seriously to the left?

This T-square between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will remain close until the beginning of June. Then Jupiter moves on. However, Saturn and Neptune will remain within one degree of a square until July, and they will hover close to a 90 degree angle through August, September and October. So, I think the situation in American politics is going to remain clouded in indefinites for a while. Those clouds may not really lift until election day.

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