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An Astrological Civil War (Part Six)

Back in 2012, when the first Avengers movie came out I wrote a series of articles speculating on the Sun signs of that cast of superheroes. (Click on Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor and the Hulk to see those articles.) Now Marvel is getting ready to release “Captain America: Civil War” in which many of those characters, plus a bunch of new faces, battle one another over the question of submitting the Avengers to government control.

Being a Marvel comics fan from way back, I can’t resist the temptation to match those characters, and the Sun signs I’ve assigned them, against one another is an imaginary astrological battle. There are only two combatants remaining, both solo operators who only recently joined the group. That’s Ant-man (played by Paul Rudd) and Spider-man (played by Tom Holland.)

Ant-man vs. Spider-man

Ant-man is presented in the movies as an ex-con (with a heart of gold, of course) who burglarizes the home of an eccentric scientist and ends up being recruited to wear a suit that allows him to shrink to the size of an ant (while maintaining his man-sized physical strength). Given the lack of behavioral controls displayed by this character, and a tendency toward destructive acts of revenge, I’m going to call him an Aries.

We’ve already seen Spider-man in several movies, played by two different actors. So we know him, even if we don’t know how he will be portrayed by Holland. I’m focusing on the playfulness of this character, along with his youth and high ideals. I see him as a Sagittarius, a sign that is forever young, and that can expound weighty ideas about power and responsibility without seeming to take themselves too seriously.

This is a battle between two signs that go at everything headfirst and full steam. Aries is the more aggressive sign. Aries people actually relish a good fight. They enjoy the competition, the action and even getting punched in the face now and again. Ant-man might be at a disadvantage in terms of powers (Spider-man is stronger and quicker), but for an Aries, the bigger the challenge, the sweeter the victory.

Sagittarian can also be quite aggressive and fearless. They don’t back down, and they have a tendency to see themselves as an underdog even when they’re not. What they lack is patience and the capacity for sustained rage. What Sagittarius seeks is a quick victory, followed by a short prayer and a trip to the local bar where they buy drinks for their defeated foe all night long.

Neither of these two signs is good at planning, so the winner of this battle will be the superhero who gets the best the advice from a wiser and less impulsive ally. Otherwise, it will be a hard fight to call, with Aries continually charging, and Sagittarius continually counter-punching and retreating until both are too tired to continue.

So what’s your take on a battle between Aries and Sagittarius? Super powers aside, which sign do you think would win?

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