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Michael Burry and the Big Pluto

In the movie, The Big Short, Christian Bale plays Michael Burry, the medical doctor turned hedge fund manager who was among the first people to foresee the financial meltdown that would become the world wide Great Recession of 2008.

What Burry did was spot a huge flaw in the financial thinking of the time. Banks were getting rich by bundling home mortgages and selling them as investments. The premise was that, since Americans almost always pay their mortgages, it was an investment that could not fail. However, after awhile there weren’t enough legitimate mortgages to meet the demand, so banks began slipping subprime mortgages into the bundles. As time went on, and the housing market heated up, the number of these subprime mortgages increased astronomically.

As early as 2005, Burry saw that these subprime mortgages headed for a massive failure. The people who had been given these loans simply would not be able to make their payments and there would be a massive default that would send the economy reeling. So Burry negotiated a deal with some of the big bank, like Goldman Sacks, that allowed him to bet against the success of these mortgage bundles. The traders at these banks thought he was crazy, but history as proven otherwise.

We don’t have a time of birth for Michael Burry, but even a partial horoscope is a pretty remarkable document. (Click on Michael Burry to see a chart done for noon on his birthday.)  The first thing we see that Burry has a group of planets in Gemini, all of which are powerfully aspected. His Sun and Mercury in Gemini are square Pluto, his Venus in Gemini is trine Uranus and his Saturn in Gemini is opposed to Jupiter and Neptune.

I want to focus on his Sun and Mercury. Gemini is the sign of the problem solver, but the square to Pluto takes this problem solving talent to a whole new level. Burry discovered the flaws in the mortgage bundles by actually going through them and analyzing each mortgage. Gemini processes information. Pluto digs deep. Gemini is good with details. Pluto is good at become obsessed with finding the truth. The combination of these two energies allowed Burry to see what know one in the financial markets wanted to see.

It should also be noted that Bernie Madoff has also Mercury square Pluto. Before he began his pyramid scheme and bilked millions of people out of their money, Madoff had earned a reputation for finding the stocks that would flourish when the rest of the market was failing. Previous to 2008, Burry had made his name in the financial world by doing the same thing.

Unlike Madoff, however, Burry was able to see the ethically issues raised the eternal search for profit. After making millions for himself and his investors in 2008, Burry closed his fund and essentially retired. He was also quick to criticize federal regulators for not spotting the same problems that he foresaw in the housing market. Unfortunately, no one seems to have paid much attention to those criticisms.

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