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Trump’s Troubles

Last summer I wrote about Donald Trump’s secondary progressed horoscope and how his secondary progressed Sun was conjunct his natal Ascendant. (Click here to see a double horoscope with Trump’s natal chart inside and his progressed aspects outside.) I predicted that this powerful aspect would make Trump a front-runner for the Republican nomination. (Click here to see that article.)

Now, of course, Trump is the front-runner and mainstream Republican’s are scrambling to find some way to stop him from getting the nomination. For awhile it looked like they were bound to fail, but recently some of the bombastic remarks that Trump has been making throughout the campaign have come back to bite him, and cause him to backtrack. That’s a dangerous sign for any candidate, but particularly so for a candidate who is feeds off his capacity for offering quick fixes for complex problems.

Trump’s recent gaff’s regarding abortion and nuclear weapons have a lot to do with another secondary progressed aspect in his chart. His natal Mercury is being squared by his secondary progressed Mars. This is an aspect for saying exactly what you think regardless of the costs, and it has been in effect for a long time. So far, however, it has worked in Trump's favor. What could be better for a guy riding on a wave of anger and frustration than to have the god of war sounding off through his Mercury?

In Trump’s natal chart Mercury is in Cancer square Neptune. Since Trump is a Gemini by Sun sign, his claims of being a deal-maker and problem-solver are well supported by his chart, but this Mercury aspect tells us that his thinking processes are loosely bound and often subjective. Thus we have his stream-of-conscious speeches that key into the emotional tone of the crowds at his events. At the same time, however, the thinking behind that stream-of-conscious is often imprecise and more expressive of his feelings at that moment than the facts.

This is why Trump often stumbles when he is pressed for specifics on his grandiose plans and glib pronouncements. Again, for a long time these stumbles have not harmed his candidacy. He’s been able to tap into the positive side of the aspect from his secondary progressed Mars and bully his way past the scrutiny. That seems to be changing now, probably because his position as the likely nominee and has made interviewers and commentators more resistant to his bullying.

So here’s what’s going on. The conjunction of Trump’s secondary progressed Sun to his Ascendant is bringing out the full power of his ego, and for Trump (who once said, “There’s no such thing as over-exposure”) that’s a lot of ego. But making everyone look at you also exposes your flaws, and the square from secondary progressed Mars to Trump’s Mercury is exposing all the flaws that come out his natal Mercury square Neptune.

So we have to wonder which of these secondary progressed aspects is going to win out. My guess is both. Trump is going to continue to be Trump and count on the power of his ego to make people forget about the flaws in his thinking. It will be up the voters to decide whether they want to be carried along by the power of the Sun in his chart, or stopped short by Mars.

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