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Madonna and the Second Saturn Returnmadonnaimage

I talk a lot on these pages about the cycles of Saturn. I even wrote a book about them. To me they are one of the most fascinating parts of astrology because events that coincide with these aspects provide the underlying structure of our lives. This is particularly evident during the first turn of the Saturn to natal Saturn cycle, the one that ends around age 28 when transiting Saturn conjuncts its natal place. However, the later Saturn cycles can be just as important.

In the horoscope of Madonna, Saturn is nearing its second return, or its second conjunction to its natal position. This occurs when a person is in their mid-fifties and it typically represents a period of reevaluation. We look back on our lives and weigh our accomplishments against our regrets. For some people the result can be a spiritual awakening. For others it manifests as the classic mid-life crisis.

The conjunction of Saturn to natal Saturn doesn’t actually complete in Madonna’s horoscope until December, but the singer seems to already be feeling the pressure of this aspect. She is currently involved in a custody battle over her son that has caused her a great deal of emotional distress, and, during a recent performance in Australia, she brought a teenage girl from the audience on stage an partially undressed her.

What’s going on in Madonna’ chart right now is an opposition aspect between transiting Neptune and her Moon. (Click here to see a double chart with Madonna’s natal chart on the inside and the transiting aspect on the outer ring.) This is aspect that often brings confusion about one’s feelings and goals. It can manifest in out-of-control emotions, irrational fears and really bad choices. Since Madonna’s Moon is in her 1st House, its influence will be particularly acute.

This Neptune opposition will continue to be a factor in Madonna’s life for the rest of this year and during the first months of 2017. The fact that it coincides with her second Saturn Return is worrisome. It means that Madonna will be making this crucial reevaluation of her life under an emotional cloud and that her judgments are likely to be skewed by illusionary desires.

On the other hand, the influence of Neptune can also add spiritual depth this reevaluation. I’ve always been suspicious of Madonna’s time of birth, even though it apparently comes from her birth certificate. It places her Sun in the 12th House, an odd placement for such a public person. But if this is her true horoscope, then that inwardly directed 12th House Sun could be her salvation. It would allow her cut through the illusionary qualities of Neptune and grasp its true spiritual purpose. This could be the key to her making the best use of her second Saturn return.