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Jupiter Square Saturn: A Clash of Outrages

In a previous article I connected the rise in mass shooting that we have seen this year with the square between Jupiter and Saturn, and way that aspect is entangled with Uranus and Pluto. Now we’re seeing that violence spill over into politics.

Last week Donald Trump was forced to cancel a rally because of the threat of clashes between his supporters and protesters. Already there have been reports of lone protesters and reporters at his rally’s being manhandled and forcibly ejected. In one instance a white Trump supported was caught on camera punching a black protester who was being escorted out of the building. Given Trump’s inflammatory rhetoric and the level of rage that his supporters have shown, there seems to be no telling how far this trend toward violence will go.

Meanwhile, supporters of Bernie Sanders are finding a less dramatic, but perhaps more dangerous way to express their outrage. They are threatening to boycott the general election if their candidate doesn’t get the nomination. Such a boycott, if it were effective, might almost guarantee a Trump presidency, but these folks seem more than willing to let this happen in order to make their point.

Right now Jupiter and Saturn are moving toward an 90 degree angle.  The square aspect will be exact on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Jupiter is trine Pluto and Saturn is semi-sextile Pluto.

Saturn and Jupiter represent how we relate to the larger social scheme, to our community, our city, our state and our country. Jupiter signifies the benefits that we gain by being a part of these large social units, including the benefits provided for us by government.

The supporters of Bernie Sanders, many of them young people, want to see those benefits expanded. They see a wealthy nation that can’t provide health care for all of its people, and that saddles its youth with enormous educational debts and they are outraged.

Saturn represents the obligations and constraints that come from living in a larger social unit. This includes taxes, laws and regulations. No one really likes these things, but we are willing to put up with them because they are necessary. Of course, we put up with them much more gladly when they are applied to someone else.

Trump’s supporters want to see these Saturn restrains to be lessened for themselves. They want their taxes cut. They want regulations that interrupt their lives and businesses to be removed. At the same time they want stricter enforcement of the rules on people they consider outsiders, such as immigrants.  The fact that their government seems ineffectual in imposing its will, not only on immigrants, but also on foreign terrorist groups like ISIS, enrages these people.

With Jupiter square Saturn the partisans of these two very different expectations of government are “squaring” off. The good news is that both Saturn and Jupiter move faster than some of the other outer planets. By the first week of April the aspect will be over and we will see a more measured expression of these position.