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Africa’s Hitler: Leopold II of BelguimLeopoldImage

I recently went looking for a biography of the Belgium King, Leopold II. Leopold organized and ruled the Belgium colony in central Africa known as the Congo. During his reign millions of Africans were killed, maimed and literally worked to death, while the fruits of their labor made Leopold one of the richest men in Europe. The only mass murderer who compares to Leopold is Adolf Hitler. A new biography of Hitler comes out virtually every year, but I found no recent biographies of Leopold, and only a few older volumes written in English.

I’m not going to dwell on the reason for this literary inequity, though race is obviously a factor. My interest in Leopold II has to do with his horoscope. (Click on Leopold II to see the chart.) Leopold interests me because, like Hitler, he seems to be a psychopath who became the ruler of a nation. However, whereas Hitler used his power to advance his grand ideas of a master race, Leopold’s motive was nothing more that greed.

Leopold started off as a quiet youngster hobbled by a bad leg and a sullen demeanor. However, his personality seemed to suddenly change after he reached his 20s and got the notion that untold wealth could be gained for a nation through the acquisition of colonies. Leopold poured all his Aries energy into getting around his own government’s reluctance, and the competing agenda of all the great powers of the day, in order to acquire a colony for tiny Belgium.

The maneuvering that Leopold did over a period of ten years in order to acquire rulership over what was called the Congo Free State is amazing, but even more amazing was the cruelty that characterized his rule. Having entered the grab for colonies by pretending to be an agent of civilization and altruism, Leopold exploited the resources and people of the Congo with a ruthlessness that shocked even hardened exploiters like Britain, France and Germany.

I think a comparison of the horoscope of Leopold II with that of Adolf Hitler is illuminating. (Click here to see Hitler’s chart.) Both men had significant aspects to both Mars and Saturn. Hitler had Venus conjunct Mars in Taurus, square Saturn in the 10th House. Leopold’s chart is dominated by a T-square featuring Saturn in the 9th, the Sun in Aries and Mars in Cancer.

Ancient astrologers considered Mars and Saturn to be malefic planets, in other words, always bad. Modern astrologers take a more balanced approach, but it is still alarming to see both of these planets in strong aspects with the Sun or a personal planet like Venus. Such a combination indicates major challenges, and a personality caught between passionate extremes and rock wall repression.

It is also interesting that the 7th House of partnership figures prominently in both charts. Hitler’s relationship issues are well-documented. Leopold was forced in to an arranged marriage to a French princess while he was young. It was apparently hate at first sight. Eventually they arranged a quiet separation. Meanwhile, Leopold’s womanizing became a constant source of embarrassment.

Obviously, these few astrological factors don’t explain why Leopold or Hitler became mass murderers. A double affliction by Mars and Saturn is a rough aspect, but it needn’t make any person a criminal. Even though there are many other factors we could discuss in both charts, in the end the horoscope only describes the challenges a person faces. It how those challenges are handled that defines a person’s character.


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