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The Republican Divide

First of all, I need to brag a bit. Way back in August, when people were still thinking of Donald Trump as a flash in the political pan, I was saying that, his candidacy was going to be a major factor in the race. I said this because Trump began his campaign during an important Saturn transit, and had his Secondary Progressed Sun crossing his Ascendant.  Well, now flash in the pan has started gathering delegates, and mainstream Republicans, as represented by Mitt Romney, are sounding the alarm because the barbarian is at the gate.

There seems to be a distinct possibility that at the convention in July the leaders of the Republican Party will find a way to discount the primary wins that Trump in racking up and hand the nomination to someone else. If this happens what would those die-hard Trump supporter do? Would they simply shrug and acquiesce to the will of the Party, or would they clamor for Trump to pursue a Third Party run? And if they did, given Trumps ego, how could he refuse?

This happened once before to the Republican Party. Back in 1912 the incumbent President, William Howard Taft, was challenged by his predecessor and mentor, Theodore Roosevelt. Roosevelt won in the primaries but was denied the nomination at the convention. He ran under the banner of the “Bull Moose” party and split the Republican vote, allowing Democrat, Woodrow Wilson, to win the election.

Between Dec. 1909 and Oct. 1911 Jupiter opposed Saturn three times. It was during this period that Roosevelt’s dissatisfaction with the actions of his old friend, Taft was growing, and his determination to run against him was solidifying. Though Roosevelt didn’t officially announce his candidacy until Feb. 1912, his intentions were clear much earlier.

Jupiter and Saturn are the planets of politics. They represent how a person functions in the larger social world of the community, the city, the state and the nation. Jupiter represents the positive things an organized state does for us, such and facilitated travel, education and the expansion of our personal power. Saturn represents the obligation that come with living in such a state, like taxes and obeying the laws.

What are Jupiter and Saturn doing right now in the sky? Back in August, when Trump won the first Republican debate, they were square. That square will repeat on Mar. 23, and again in Dec.

What this aspect means is that people are conflicted about how the expansive features of living under their government relate to the restrictive features. They want security, but they want their privacy protected. They want to hold on to the inclusive American dream, but they fear the encroachments of immigrants. They want to feel that they are a part of a powerful nation, but they don’t want to pay higher taxes or send their children off to war in order to secure that power.

The fact that Trump offers all of these things without bothering with the details of how they ought to be accomplished quiets the Jupiter square Saturn conflicts that a lot of voters are feeling. This is why they turn out to vote for him is such numbers.

In the meantime, we have the similiarity between Jupiter oppose Saturn just before the 1912 election and its current aspect. It’s a fact that similar aspects don’t always result in the same kind of events. Human choice has a way of messing up that kind of symmetry. But, for astrologers, this similarity of aspects adds a new level of interest to the political circus that we are now witnessing.

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