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Antonin Scalia: The Horoscope of a Radical ConservativeScaliaImage

The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has, all by itself, shifted the political landscape of the United States. That’s because Scalia was not just a conservative judge, he was a radically conservative judge who believed that any interpretation of the constitution had to be made from the view point of the 18th Century planters and merchants who wrote it. That approach placed him at odds with just about every socially progressive program of the past two centuries.

At first glance, Scalia’s horoscope does not seem to match his hard line thinking. (Click on Antonin Scalia to see the chart.) He is a Pisces by Sun Sign with Libra rising, two sign that are generally considered affable and eager to please. Scalia, however, was noted for the forceful way in which he presented his opinions, and for composing scathing dissents when, as often happened, he was in the minority among the judges.

Scalia’s Sun is square Jupiter, which is strongly placed in its “home” sign of Sagittarius. Again, this is not an aspect we would expect to see in the chart of an arch-conservative. Since Jupiter is associated with higher education and the law, it does explain Scalia career choice. Jupiter square the Sun also indicates ambition and self-confidence. But, Jupiter tends to expand our point of view rather than restrict it. It is clear that Scalia arrived at his conservative opinions, not through a narrowness of thinking, but after thoroughly exploring alternative intellectual avenues.

Some astrologers might point to the very wide conjunction of Scalia’s Sun with Saturn. Though the aspect is within the 10 degree orb allowed for applying aspects to the Sun by many astrologers, I don’t see it as being that significant. At the most it adds a serious tone to the personality. Also, the conjunction occurs in the Fifth House of children, love affairs and creativity, hardly a place for profound political discourse.

To my mind, the key to Scalia’s conservative ideas comes out of his Moon. His Moon is in Scorpio, powerfully placed in the First House. Scorpio is not a happy place for the Moon. It takes the naturally protective, watchful inclination of the lunar body down into the emotional depths, where it becomes imbued with dark obsessions and pervasive fear. As I write in my book, “Father Sun, Mother Moon: Astrology’s Dynamic Duo”, the Moon’s job is to protect the ego from a threatening world. In Scorpio the Moon views those threats as demonic, complete with tooth and claw and full of evil intent.

Scalia’s Moon forms an extremely tight opposition aspect with Uranus. Though we typically associate Uranus with new ideas and innovation, in this aspect the revolutionary fervor to Uranus only inflames the fear and “me-against-the-world” emotions of the Moon in Scorpio. The Moon made Scalia a conservative. Its aspect to Uranus made him a radical conservative.

We could also point to other factors, such as the proximity of Pluto to the M.C. and the semi-sextile between Mars and Saturn, but it is the Moon that dominates this chart. With its square to Jupiter, Scalia’s Sun drove him to become a world-class legal scholar. Naturally curious, he exercised the creativity of the Sun’s Fifth House placement in the world of ideas. However, no new idea was ever going to be strong enough to loosen the grip that his fearful Moon held over his chart.

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