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A New Face Emerges in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire primary has brought us a victory for the “outsider” candidates, with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders coming out as the big winners. I had predicted that the momentum Sanders has been building over the past several months would carry through the N.H. primary, while Hillary Clinton would be experiencing a setback on that day. (Click here to see my previous article.) What I didn’t see coming was the emergence of a new second placed candidate in the Republican race.

John Kasich has sought to present himself as the voice of reason in a field of rabid conservatives and the bombastic Donald Trump.  He is a Taurus by Sun sign, (click here to see chart done for noon on his birthday) and his Moon is in Capricorn. With this emphasis on Earth signs, he is a realist who is more interested in what can get done than ideology. However, Kasich’s Sun is square Pluto, so he’s tougher, and more motivated by power, than he might first appear.

Transiting Jupiter was trine Kasich’s natal Sun during the voting in New Hampshire. This aspect has been in force in his horoscope for several weeks, allowing him to advance his campaign in New Hampshire while candidates like Cruz, Rubio and Carson were wrestling for votes in Iowa. The problem for Kasich, at least is astrological terms, is that this Jupiter aspect is beginning to wane. Since we don’t have a time of birth for him there may be other factors that I can’t see, but from what I do see, I think this may be Kasich’s one moment of glory.

Jupiter has also been impacting the horoscope of Donald Trump. It has been square both his Sun and Moon for a while now. In Iowa he responded to this Jupiter’s expansive influence by becoming over-confident. That’s a common problem with a Jupiter square. In New Hampshire Trump avoided such and overstep and reaped the benefits of Jupiter.

Unlike Kasich, Jupiter will continue to be a factor in Trump’s chart for the next couple of more weeks, and it will continue to power his campaign in the South Carolina and Nevada primaries (on Feb. 20). The problem for Trump is that there are a lot of forceful aspects impacting his chart during this period. This could cause him to make another costly mistake, (like missing the last debate in Iowa) or to finally take his aggressive rhetoric too far.

In my last article I pointed out that Bernie Sanders would be facing some challenging aspects in the latter half of this month and on into spring and summer. His secondary progressed Sun is opposite his natal Saturn, while transiting Saturn is getting ready to square his natal Sun. Of course, I don’t have a time of birth for Sanders. That means I can’t even know exactly where his progressed Sun is right now. And, as always, without a timed birth there are going to be factors I can’t see. Still, I think that the Sander’s campaign, that has become such an inspirational phenomena, is likely to falter as the primary season continues.