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Hillary and Bernie Square Off in N.H.sanderBImage

Thus far I have been concentrating the Republican candidates during this primary season, partly because there are more of them, and partly because I’ve been frustrated by the lack of a good time of birth for Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Clinton and her staff have given out conflicting times on multiple occasions over the years, and the only report we have on Sanders is an off-hand comment based on memory.

Despite these hang ups, I did write back in July that Sander’s campaign would continue to gather steam, and that he would still be a viable candidate when the primary season got serious. His near victory in Iowa proves that point. (Click here to see that article.)

I think that Sander’s momentum will continue through the New Hampshire primary. Jupiter was on the North Node of the Moon during the Iowa caucuses and it is still near that point. The nodes of the Moon are often associated with fate, but the connection doesn’t have to be anything mystical. It could just be that Sanders feels that he is fated to give this message, and that feeling has empowered him.

At same time, however, I have concerns about Sander’s physical well-being. In his secondary progressed horoscope the Sun is moving into an opposition with his natal Saturn. By mid-February transiting Saturn will be square his natal Sun, a rare and worrisome combination. To make matters worse, Saturn will be turning retrograde in March and the aspect will continue to be in force into the summer, when Uranus will be conjunct his natal Mars and opposite his natal Venus.

These dual Saturn aspects represent a serious challenge to Sanders’ vitality. There could be problems with his health, or a faltering of his seemingly infinite reserves of energy. In either case, it does not bode well for his campaign. The connections to Uranus, while stimulating Sanders’ revolutionary zeal, also bring the possibility of accidents and violent encounters.

Clinton’s transits on the day of the New Hampshire primary are not at all good. The Sun will be opposite her natal Saturn. This is a short term aspect, but it does indicate impediments on that day. Meanwhile, transiting Saturn will be trine her natal Mars and Pluto. This is not a “bad” aspect, but it will accent the ruthless, anything-to-win qualities of her natal Mars conjunction with Pluto and her Scorpio Sun sign, and that can’t be good in a close political contest.

As with Sanders, what most concerns me with Clinton’s chart is what happens after New Hampshire. Between Feb. 12 and Feb. 14 transiting Mars will be square her natal Saturn. This could result in a health crisis, but it could also bring an unfavorable turn in one of the many investigations going on into Clinton’s past behavior. Since Saturn is currently trine her Mars and Pluto, I think that these issues will eventually resolve in her favor. Nonetheless, any hint of wrong-doing is sure to bring joy to her opponents.


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