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Marco Rubio Stands Out

Doing predictions with a partial horoscope is a thankless, and some would say foolish, game. In my last post, using horoscopes without a time of birth, I wrote that the transiting aspects to both Ted Cruz’s and Marco Rubio’s charts indicated disappointment. (Click here to see the previous article.) Instead, Cruz won in the Republican caucus, while Rubio finished a strong third, just behind Donald Trump.

Obviously, there are factors at work in those two horoscopes that I cannot see without a time of birth. This made me hesitant to say much about the upcoming New Hampshire primary. However, whatever is going on in Cruz’s chart, I don’t think he can take too much encouragement from his victory in Iowa. The Iowa Republican caucus has a long history of choosing social conservative candidates who fizzle out when the primaries move to larger states.

Also, the secondary progressions that I described in Cruz’s horoscope (click here to see the previous article on Cruz) will continue to bring to the fore his negatives, even as they stimulate his positives. I think this is probably one reason that Rubio did surprisingly well. A lot of conservative voters who are turned off by Cruz’s “unlikablity” are now looking to this youthful, smooth talking Gemini to give the victory in November.

As I said in my last article, transiting Jupiter is forming a T-square with Donald Trump’s Sun and Moon. This brings exaggerated confidence (as if Trump needed more of that), as well as errors in judgment brought on by that excess of confidence. Apparently, Trump’s decision to boycott the last debate was an example of the latter.

Nonetheless, a second place finish for a guy with no religious affiliation in a state in which the conservative vote is dominated by evangelical Christians is nothing to sneeze at. There’s no doubt that Trump’s confidence remains high. The Jupiter aspect will continue to dominate Trump’s horoscope through most of February, so I don’t expect to see any letup in his campaign, only now he’ll likely be looking to Rubio as his main rival.