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The Iowa Caucusestrumpimage

Usually, during this time of year, I’m looking at the horoscopes of the Oscar contenders, but this year the big drama seems to be in politics, particular the Republican primary. Monday brings us the Iowa caucuses, the first time that actual voters get a crack at deciding who the Republican and Democratic nominees will be. I thought it might be a good time to look in on the horoscopes of the three leaders in the Republican race and see what’s going on.

Earlier in the year I wrote about how Donald Trump was enjoying a powerful secondary progressed aspect. (Click here to see the previous article.) His progressed Sun is currently crossing his Ascendant. That’s why he’s surprised so many people and now leads in the polls. That’s also why his brazen persona, represented by the Ascendant, has been so shamelessly on display.

On Feb. 1 transiting Jupiter, which expands everything it touches, will be square both Trump’s natal Sun and Moon. I expect Trump will ride this aspect to a big victory in Iowa, but even if he doesn’t win, his confidence and blatant egotism will only continue to grow. Since the aspect is a square, there is also the possibility that he will become over-confident and go too far in his divisive rhetoric and showman antic. However, considering Trump’s past behavior, and the way his supporters have stuck by him, it’s hard to imagine what would constitute “going too far.”

Ted Cruz has earned his place ahead of the pack of Republican contenders the old fashioned way, by running a well-organized “ground” campaign geared toward getting the support of evangelicals and the “guns and glory” crowd. He has become the Capricornian tortoise to Donald Trump’s bombastic hare. (Click here to see my previous article on Ted Cruz.)

Cruz has also benefited from some positive secondary progress aspects. His progressed Venus is crossing his Sun and his progressed Sun is square his natal Venus. Unfortunately for Cruz, in his natal chart the Sun is square Pluto and Venus is opposed to Saturn. (Click here to see a chart for Cruz done of noon on his birthday.) The secondary progressed contacts to the Sun and Venus are only going to exaggerate these aspects. At the same time that he is expressing the grit and determination that come from Saturn and Pluto, he can’t help but also reveal hard, contentious and decidedly unfriendly edge they give to his personality.

As far as I can see from this partial horoscope, Cruz gets no help from transiting aspects on caucus day. On Monday transiting Mars will be moving into an opposition with his natal Saturn. This is an aspect of struggle and disappointment, and nothing disappoints a Capricorn more than knowing that his hard work was for naught.

We also do not have a complete horoscope for Marco Rubio, but we can see that he started his campaign at an advantageous time in his Saturn Cycle. (Click here to see my previous article on Rubio.) Unfortunately, like Cruz, Rubio gets no help from the transits on Feb. 1. The transiting Sun will be conjunct his natal Mars, while transiting Saturn will be quincunx his natal Mercury. I think is going to translate into disappointment for him.

If both Cruz and Rubio stumble in the caucuses, it could mean that one of the many candidates down in the single digit pack will benefit. However, we don’t have complete horoscopes for any of these folks, so I’m not going to venture a guess on who that might be. The only thing that is certain is that the drama will continue.

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