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David Bowie and the Twelfth House SunBowieDImage

The recent death of David Bowie has caused a lot of astrologers to reexamine the venerable rock star’s horoscope. (Click on David Bowie to see the chart.) It is, in many ways, remarkable. However, the thing that always interested, and somewhat confounded me about this horoscope is the fact that Bowie Sun is placed in the Twelfth House.

In my experience, the Sun in the Twelfth is typically found in the charts of people interested in spiritual and metaphysical matters. Fame and fortune is not their mission in life. Instead, they are introspective folks who seek separation from the noise and strife of the mundane world, and value their quiet time and privacy.

The traditional reading of the Twelfth House certainly favors this kind of attitude. Ancient texts name the Twelfth the house of confinement, limitation and sorrow. Modern astrologers had sought to soften this view, emphasizing the sectors potential for spiritual awakening, but is not the place you would expect to find the Sun of a rock star.

Of course, David Bowie was by no means your typical “rock star”. Early fans might have worshipped his portrayal of the sexually ambiguous Iggy Stardust, or the cool and unpredictable Thin White Duke, but how much of the real David Bowie did they every see? Later in his career, Bowie reinvented his music over and over, while at the same time slapping an air-tight lid over his private life. In a business that is constantly producing new faces and new voices, Bowie managed to stay on top even though much of the time he was invisible.

I have no knowledge about Bowie’s spiritual life. Over the years he expressed a variety of attitudes and interests, but whether or not any of these quotes came from the “real” David Bowie is unclear. Still, Bowie’s skill at maintaining his privacy in a world that feeds on publicity is certainly a confirmation of the power of the Sun in Twelfth House.

As far as Bowie’s fame is concerned, we have several indicators of that in this chart, such as the placement of Venus on his Midheaven and the Moon on his Descendant. Those matters I will leave for another time. However, I do want to note that there is at least one other famous rock star with the Sun in the Twelfth, who is famous for reinventing herself and hiding behind different personas. Madonna.

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