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Sean Penn’s Big Gamble

Sean Penn has often made the news in ways that had nothing to do with acting. During his early day it was his erratic, sometimes violent behavior and his rocky marriage to Madonna. Later it became his relief work in Haiti and his willingness to speak out about politics. Now he’s found a completely new way to capture headlines. He conducted an extensive, seven hour interview with the Mexican drug kingpin, Jaoquin “el Chapo” Guzman, an interview that apparently led to Guzman’s capture.

What’s going on in Penn’s horoscope right now (click on Sean Penn to see the chart) is quite in keeping with this unusual notoriety. Jupiter is currently in retrograde, meaning that it appears (from Earth) to be moving backwards in the sky. This retrograde motion is slow, so that Jupiter has appeared to be have been stuck at 23 degrees of Virgo for all of Dec. and most of Jan. That puts transiting Jupiter in and exact square with Penn’s natal Jupiter, which is in his First House.

Jupiter expands. Having Jupiter in the First House, which represents a person’s public persona, expands that persona. Having transiting Jupiter aspecting natal Jupiter in the First House creates even greater expansion. Of course, the fact that Penn is a Leo by Sun sign, in no way hinders this process. Leos, whether they admit it or not, are always concerned with how they are perceived by the public. It is obvious that Penn wants to be perceived as something greater, and more relevant than an actor.

I mention Penn’s Leo Sun because it forms a trine to his Jupiter. Yes, Penn has a substantial ego, and a lot of self-confidence, confidence that comes as much out of believing in his inevitable good fortune as his natural abilities. The Sun in his chart is also conjunct Uranus. Penn has never been afraid of being seen as different or difficult. Like all Leos, he like attention, put with Uranus conjunct the Sun, he does really care if that attention is positive or negative.

Penn is likely to be getting a lot of both if the claims that his interview with Guzman helped the Mexican government locate the drug lord. My wife tells me that I shouldn’t need astrology to predict Penn’s future. All I needed was to look at what typically happens to people who cross a major drug dealer.

Actually, I don’t see anything in Penn’s horoscope that would indicate a violent encounter, at least in the near future. However, the aspect to his Jupiter is a square, which means that the expansion and public acclaim that Jupiter provides will come with a fair amount of stress and worry. Following Jupiter’s lead, Penn took gamble when he went through with this interview. Under the influence of Jupiter, we feel nothing can harm us. But when Jupiter moves on, which it always does, that feeling of invulnerability quickly dissipates.