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Uranus Square Pluto (Again?!?)UranusSqPluto

Astrologers (including me) made a big deal out of the last exact 90 degree contact between Uranus and Pluto last March, with good reason. The aspect (which was exact a total of seven times between 2011 and 2015) was a major force behind many of the divisive and destructive events that dominated headlines during this period.

However, even though the square between Uranus and Pluto is now in its waning phase, its influence is still strong. For one thing, the repercussions of the events spawned during the Uranus square Pluto period are still with us. For example, the instability in Syria, which came about during this period, has led to the rise of ISIS and a refugee crisis in Europe. Those problems show no sign of abating.

Also, even though the aspect is separating, it is still within a reasonable range. In fact, at the moment these two planets are separated from an exact square by only one degree and 19 minutes. By the first week of February that separation will be one degree and two minutes.

Back in July 2011, when this aspect was one degree and one minute from exact, the US Congress was debating a budget deal. The country was days away from defaulting on its loan payments, but hard line Republicans were willing to risk a world-wide financial disaster in order to prove a point. Then, at the last minute, a deal was struck.

Now we have President Obama’s executive actions on gun control opening up that same ugly partisan divide. Meanwhile, in the Middle East, the ongoing tension between Sunni Saudi Arabia and Shiite Iran seems ready the boil over. Not to be outdone, Kim Jong-un in North Korea is bragging about testing a nuclear bomb, while world markets seem on the verge of panic because of the financial troubles in China. Even the Benghazi tradgety , an event that took place when the square was within one degree of exact, has once again reared its head.

Let’s not forget that in this country, February is the beginning of primary season. Republican candidates, like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, will no doubt be competing with one another to ride the fears raised by the events listed above to the nomination. These early primaries are likely to be crucial to the future of the U.S.

During the next few weeks these issues, and maybe some that I haven’t mentioned, will loom larger and larger. Will they reach a crisis point? That depends on the decisions of the leaders involved. For this reason, it may be fortunate that this near connection between Uranus and Pluto comes as the political season in the United States heats up. Hopefully, it will remind us of the importance of electing competent leaders.

After Feb. 10, the gap in the 90 degree angle between Uranus and Pluto begins to open up pretty quickly. By the end of the month it will be one degree and 21 minutes. Then, in April, Pluto turns retrograde and the two planets will not be this close to an angular relationship again until they oppose one another in 2046. Be sure to mark your calendars for that one.

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