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Who’s had a Good Year? Adele!

I know what you're thinking. When in recent history has Adele had a bad year? Even before the release of her hit album, “19”, she had been pegged as a performer to watch. “19” was followed by an even bigger hit album, “21”, and Adele was established as one of leading singers of her generation. Between 2011 and 2013 she took home just about every award the music industry has to offer.

What was going on in Adele’s secondary progressed horoscope back then was the perfection of the square aspect between her natal Jupiter and her natal Mars. (Click here to see a horoscope for Adele. The original source of the birth time is uncertain, and it is rated “C” for caution by Astrodatabank.) This is a slow moving progression. Adele’s progressed Jupiter as been within a degree of completing this square since 2008. The aspect is only now beginning to wane.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and (if the horoscope presented here is correct) Mars in Adele’s natal chart is near her Ascendant. It’s easy to see how this aspect would lead to the expansion of her public persona. But the aspect is a square, which brings stress and conflict. Adele meteoric rise to fame was not without its problems. She disliked touring and was often homesick. Then came the comments on her weight. All of this placed a lot pressure on a performer who was still in her early 20s.

In 2012 Adele gave birth to a son and she decided to drop out of the spotlight for a while to spend time with her child and her boyfriend. A Sun sign Taurus, with the Moon in easy-going Sagittarius, Adele is not driven by ambition. The conjunction of her Sun and Jupiter tells us that she possesses an overflow of self-confidence and values her own comfort over the trappings of success.

During this period (if this chart is correct) Adele’s secondary progressed Moon, along with transiting Saturn, moved into her 8th House. She was going through a period in which self-examination and exploration were of paramount importance. Focusing on her private life at this time was an excellent choice.

In 2015, of course, Adele released a new album which had broken all records for sales. As I said, the secondary progressed square between Jupiter and Mars is still in effect. Also, Adele’s secondary progressed Mercury is nearing her natal Venus and (if this birth time is correct) her progressed Moon is opposing both. Obviously, Adele picked exactly the right time to come out of hiding.

Since I’m not sure if the chart I’m using has the correct birth time, I hesitate to say more. However, if the time is correct, Adele will be having a major Saturn transit in 2016. Saturn will be crossing her Midheaven. This juncture in the Saturn cycle often represents a turning point in a person’s career and public life. So, even though 2015 has been very kind to Adele, 2016 may turn out to be more important.

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