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Who’s had a Good Year? Stephen Curry!CurrySImage

If there’s anyone to whom 2015 was unusually kind, it was the point guard for the Golden State Warriors basketball team, Stephen Curry. Earlier this year he lead this team to a NBA championship, and he and the team started off the 2015/2016 season with a record setting 20 wins. Curry has been featured in countless articles in sports media and beyond, and he’s considered by many to be the new face of the NBA.

Things haven’t always been so easy for Curry. Even though he was the son of a noted NBA player, Dell Curry, Stephen didn’t get much respect from college coaches when he came out of high school. He ended up going to a small school where he was largely under the radar. That changed in his sophomore season, however, when he took his team to a surprising run in the NCAA tournament.

In the NBA, Curry had a standout rookie season, but injuries during the 2011-2012 season limited his playing time. For this reason, he signed a multi-year contract with Golden State for a paltry $44 million. Compared to other marquee players in the league, Curry is playing for a bargain-basement wages (relative speaking, of course.)

Though we don’t have a time of birth for Curry, it is apparent from even a partial horoscope (click on Stephen Curry to see at chart done for noon on his birth date) that Curry is used to not getting the respect he deserves. His Sun is opposite Saturn, an aspect that (even at its best) is always humbling. Saturn values hard work over ego and integrity over accolades.

Saturn and the Sun are involved in a T-square with Neptune. This is a dangerous combination and could have brought about serious self-esteem issues. Fortunately, Curry took the symbolism of Neptune in a different direction. A Pisces by Sun sign, he connected with Neptune’s affinity for spirituality. He is very vocal about his Christian faith.

The Sun in Curry’s chart is also trine Uranus. With this aspect we get the oddball and the revolutionary. Standing 6 foot 3, and slightly built, Curry does not look like the typical NBA player. In a game that has become increasingly about size and strength, Curry represents a new direction. He’s a shooter, and his skill has made the three-point shot the new weapon of choice.

So what was going on in Curry’s horoscope to make 2015 such a banner year for him? Nothing shows up with transiting planets, but this is not surprising because we don’t have a complete horoscope. His secondary progressed chart, on the other hand, is a revelation.

Jupiter was retrograde at the time of Curry’s birth, and in his secondary progressed chart it has moved backwards into a conjunction with his natal Mars. Curry’s natal Mars is conjunct the North Node of the Moon, an aspect that is common in the horoscopes of athlete. (See my article on Rhonda Rousey.) So his secondary progressed Jupiter is also contacting that point. Meanwhile, his secondary progressed Sun is trine his natal Mars and North Node.

What this connection to the North Node tells us is that Curry is not just experiencing a peak in his athletic career: he’s fulfilling something that reaches beyond the personal, something that has to do with karma and fate. No wonder he seems to be such a magician on the court. He’s living in moment loaded with metaphysical significance.

The aspect from the progressed Sun will continue through 2016, and Jupiter will keep getting closer to his natal Mars and North Node, so the new year is likely to be just as good to Curry as 2015 was. However, I think that some point Curry will start looking for fulfillment in something other than his athletic prowess, and the spiritual conflicts represented by his Pisces Sun square Neptune will come to the forefront.

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