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Steve Harvey Has a Bad DayHarveySImage

How do you define a bad day? Is it when you can’t find a parking place at the mall on the only day you have free to shop? Or is it when your cat eats the tinsel off you Christmas tree? We all have bad days, and having them during this season, when everything is supposed to joyous and nice, only makes it worse.

Steve Harvey had a bad day, or night, on Sunday. The popular comedian, game-show host and actor was hosting the Miss Universe contest where his main job, of course, was to announced the lucky winner. At climatic moment Harvey boldly announced that the winner was Miss Colombia, Ariadne Gutierrez-Arevalo. Unfortunately, he had misread the card. The real winner was Miss Philippines, Pia Alonza Wurzbach.

After to crown was taken off the head of Miss Colombia and placed on the head Miss Philippines, Harvey vigorous apologized for his error. The young women involved seemed to take the change in stride and maintain their fake smiles, at least for as long as the cameras were rolling. But Harvey’s mistake was quickly plastered on every news site in America.

What was going on in Harvey’s horoscope at that time? We don’t have a complete horoscope for Harvey, but a chart done for noon on his birthday (click on Steve Harvey to see the horoscope) shows that Mars had just moved into an opposition aspect to Harvey’s natal Mars. This is a bull-in-the-china-closet aspect, an aspect for trying too hard and acting too quickly.

It didn’t help that at the same time transiting Mercury (the planet of communication) was square transiting Uranus (always unpredictable.) In my forecast for Sunday I had written, “expect some miscues”. However, I have to admit I didn’t foresee them happening on national TV.

The kicker for Harvey is that he is beginning his second Saturn Return. Transiting Saturn is moving into a conjunction with his natal Saturn. When Saturn returns to its natal place we can expect to be rewarded for the hard work we’ve done in the past, or get our comeuppance for mistakes we have made. Another thing about Saturn Returns is that actions taken during these periods often become our “signature” to the world.

Steve Harvey has had very successful career, particular for a coalminer’s son who was homeless for many years. He’s an accomplished standup comedian, hosted several different game shows, written books and screenplays, and has his own TV and radio shows. This guy is no slouch. However, unless he does something else in the next few months that sets the social media of fire like his gaff at the Miss Universe contests did, it is likely that this will be the moment for which he is most remembered.