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Ted Cruz Cruises into Second PlaceTed Cruz

Someone once joked that Ted Cruz needed to quit the Republicans and form his own party. He could call it the “Mean” party. The fact is that this Sun sign Capricorn exudes about as much warmth on the political stage as the Grinch. Nonetheless, he has become a major contender in the Iowa caucuses and has slowly worked his way up from single digits in national polls to second place behind Donald Trump.

In doing this, Cruz has shown all the best qualities of Capricorn. He has worked hard in a deliberate manner and stuck to his own strategy. Instead of trying to out-showboat Donald Trump, he has quietly built on his support among the conservative Republican base and developed an effective campaign staff.  He’s quite content to let Trump hog the limelight and even win a few primaries, but he’s planning on being the candidate still standing at the end of the game.

However, Cruz also faces some problems, which are evident even in a partial horoscope. (Click on Ted Cruz to see a chart done for noon on his birthday.) Two aspects dominate the chart. One is a square between his Sun and his Pluto. The other is the opposition to his Venus by Saturn. Together these aspects make it difficult for Cruz to express emotions or show empathy. Cruz’s staunch conservatism and toughness may appeal to voters in his home state (Texas), but he struggles to display the kind of personal warmth necessary to connect with people on a national level.

Cruz could get some help in this regard by the fact that his Moon is in Libra. Without a time of birth, of course, we can’t say exactly where in Libra it is placed, but it is definitely in that sign. A Libra Moon adds social deftness and a touch of sweetness to Cruz’s personality. But an early morning birth time would place the Moon is a conjunction with Uranus, an aspect that adds an icy edge to the natural charm of a Libra Moon, as well as an absolute inability to play by anyone else’s rules.

During his tenure in the Senate, Cruz has shown little ability, and not much interest in making friends or playing by anyone else’s rules. His tendency to take extreme positions, with or without his party’s support, and seek out the TV cameras have gained Cruz national attention (no doubt part of his Capricorn Sun grand strategy), but it also alienated his fellow Republicans. The liberal TV commentator, Bill Maher makes the point the Cruz can’t win the nomination because he’s the kid on the playground that everyone fears, but no one likes.

However, astrology indicates a somewhat brighter future for Ted Cruz. In his secondary progressed chart, Venus has moved into a conjunction with his natal Sun. If there was ever a time when this hard-nosed Capricorn could become popular, this is it. At the same time, his secondary progressed Sun is moving into a square with his natal Venus, another positive aspect.

Unfortunately for Cruz, when the progressed Sun squares his Venus, it will also be squaring his Saturn, bringing the distant, cold, “mean” qualities of that Venus opposed to Saturn aspect to the fore. In order to advance his grand plan, this Capricorn is going to have to deal with this part of his personality in a realistic way. It is impossible to say how he could do this without a complete horoscope, but it will be interesting to watch.

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