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Astrology at Work: The Marriages of Elizabeth Taylor

In my last article I pointed out how the three planets in the Seventh House of Debbie Reynolds corresponded to her three marriages. Reynolds’ first marriage, to singer Eddie Fisher, broke up when he fell in love with Elizabeth Taylor. Fisher and Taylor later married. It was the third of a total of seven marriages of Taylor. How many planets does Taylor have in her Seventh House? None. (Click on Elizabeth Taylor to see the horoscope.)

There are a couple of different ways of looking at this empty Seventh House. We could look at the sign on the cusp of the house, Gemini. Since Gemini is a Mutable sign, always curious and often unfocused, its rulership of the Seventh could be seen as conducive to multiple marriages.

Then, we can extend this line of thought one more step, and look at the planet that rules Gemini, Mercury. Mercury is conjunct the Sun in Taylor’s chart. Most of the men Taylor married were either famous (Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton) or powerful (Mike Todd and John Warner). Taylor’s Mercury is also in a close opposition aspect with Neptune. On the highest end of its expression, this aspect might indicate a spiritual marriage, but at the lower end Neptune represents a problem setting boundaries in the area of partnership.

Another way of explaining Taylor’s many marriages is to look at the situation with Venus and Mars in her horoscope. Taylor has Mars in Pisces with Venus in Aries. In our Mars/Venus Playbook we call this combination “The Emphatic Love Addict”. It is an explosive combination. On the one hand you have the emotional vulnerability of Pisces, and on the other the aggressiveness of Aries.

In her autobiography, Debbie Reynolds recounts being amazed at the level of aggression and animosity exchanged between Taylor and her second husband, Mike Todd. At one point, fearing that Todd was going to get physical, the diminutive Reynolds (a Sun sign Aries) leaped on his back to keep him from laying hands on Taylor. Taylor laughed at this and told Reynolds that nothing out of the ordinary was happening. That was just the way she and Todd communicated.

 Interestingly, Todd is the one husband that Taylor did not divorce. He died in a plane crash and, afterwards, Taylor was inconsolable.

In the Mars/Venus Handbook I write of Taylor Mars and Venus combination, “Since it is you who takes the initiative in relationships, it is very likely that you will find the warmth and emotional support you so desperately need. It is making it last that’s the problem. That requires patience and patience is the one ingredient of a happy love life that you totally lack.”

This lack of patience is increased in Taylor’s chart by the fact that her Venus is conjunct Uranus. This provides a need for novelty with regard to relationships, and low tolerance for boredom. Venus is also square Pluto, an aspect that makes it difficult for a person to compromise in a relationship. For Taylor this tendency is increased by the fact that her Moon is in stubborn Scorpio.

So, the multiple marriages of Elizabeth Taylor have as much to do with signs and aspects to the Mars and Venus as they do with the conditon of her Seventh House. Relationships are such an important part of every person’s life that assigning them to just one of the twelve sectors of the chart is pointless. The Sun and Moon, Mars and Venus and just about everything else in a horoscope can have an impact on our ability to establish and maintain a happy partnership.