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Speculating About James Deen

I don’t know much about the porn star who calls himself James Deen, just what I've read in the news and Wikipedia. I know  that his real name is Bryan Sevilla, his birth date is Feb. 7, 1986 and that he has been recently accused by several women of rape. These accusations are surprising since Deen owes his popularity, not to those attributes generally associated with male porn stars, but to his "every man" look and boyish charm. He has a huge following on social media and has recently branched out into legitimate movies.

It is easy to see the charm in Deen’s horoscope. (The link to his chart is below.) He is a Sun sign Aquarian with Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all bunched up in that sign in a conjunction. Aquarians often have a touch of charisma. With this conjunction that touch is quickened by Mercury, expanded by Jupiter and sweetened by Venus.

What is not so apparent in Deen’s horoscope is the sex. We expect performers in the pornography industry to be highly sexed, but that’s not generally true of people with Venus in Aquarius. Deen’s Mars is in Sagittarius. People with Mars in Sagittarius tend to be adventurous when it comes to sex. (I call this combination of Venus and Mars“The Wild Love Child” in the Mars/Venus Playbook.) However, they are typically more interested the excitement of the moment than the actual physical act.

Likewise, in a partial horoscope done for noon on Deen’s birth date, I don’t see anything indicating violence or the kind of power lust we might typically associate with a rapist. So, I’ve done something with this horoscope that I usually avoid doing. I’ve drawn up a speculative chart done 8:45 PM. (Click on James Deen to see that speculative horoscope.)

I chose this time because it puts Libra on his Ascendant (more charm), and places his stellum in Aquarius in the Fifth House (appropriate for a guy who makes his living doing what most people do for fun.) But, more important, this birth time moves the Moon into a tight square with Pluto. People with the Moon square Pluto often have “mother issues”, and there is sometimes latent hostility toward women. It is an aspect that describes anger and a feeling of powerlessness that bubbles deep beneath the surface of the personality.

 Like I said, I don’t know much about James Deen, and I have not researched his life enough to in any way verify this speculative chart. It is just an informed guess. What I can say with certainty is that transiting Saturn is making its first return to it natal place in Deen’s chart right now.

When people reach this stage of their Saturn Cycle they typically put aside the diversions of youth and take on the responsibilities of adulthood. At the same time, however, they are often forced to deal with the mistakes and indiscretions they’ve committed during their 20s. This is obviously what is now happening to James Deen. How he will respond to this Saturn challenge remains to be seen.