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Bobby Jindal: Getting on Saturn’s Bad SideJindalImage

When Louisiana governor, Bobby Jindal announced that he was entering the race for the Republican nomination for president, in June, I predicted that he had a good shot. I was going by the fact that Saturn was opposed to his natal Saturn when he made the announcement. This Saturn Cycle aspect often coincides with a major step upward in a person’s career.

On the other hand, if you have not done the work you need to do, or if you have made poor decisions, a Saturn aspect like the one Jindal just had can represent a major trial. So, while I was mildly surprised when Jindal’s candidacy floundered (and disappointed since he is one of the few candidates for whom we had a complete horoscope), I was reassured when I saw how his failure has brought the national spotlight on the sorry situation in which he is leaving the state Louisiana.

Louisiana is currently facing a billion dollar deficit. (At the beginning of Jindal's term the state had a huge surplus.) This came about largely because of Jindal’s refusal to consider any means that might have increased tax revenues, while giving huge tax breaks to big businesses. The result has been that, Jindal approval ratings in Louisana have plummeted. This week, against all odds, a Democrat was elected to take Jindal’s place when he leaves office in January.

In Jindal’s horoscope (click on Bobby Jindal to see the chart) we have Saturn in Taurus in the 9th House (of philosophy and higher thinking) opposed to Jupiter. This is an aspect of doctrinaire thinking. The normal openness and curiosity of the Ninth House is hide-bound by relentless Saturn, and then blown out of proportion by expansive Jupiter. (Interestingly, Dick Cheney has Saturn in Taurus in the Ninth, conjunct Jupiter.)

This kind of doctrinaire thinking saps his Gemini Sun sign of its normal flexibility and problem-solving acumen. You can’t solve a problem if your basic philosophy refuses to see it as a problem. So while Louisiana State University teeters on the edge of bankruptcy and Louisiana citizens go without health care, Jindal runs off to brag to the Republican national electorate about the wonderful job he’s done.

Jindal famously told his fellow Republicans that they could no longer be the party of “stupid”. Meanwhile, he held to the Tea-Party line on taxation, even in the face of a looming financial disaster. Here’s stupid for you: thinking that a state government can function without money.

Next month Saturn reaches another important juncture in Jindal’s chart. It will cross in I.C. This will be during his last days as governor of Louisiana, when he will likely be assessing the legacy he is leaving behind. Given the doctrinaire hold of Jupiter opposed to Saturn on both Jindal’s Third and Ninth houses (representing both the lower and higher mind) he still might not see any problems. But I’m sure that there are a lot of people in Louisiana who would be more than willing to point them out.

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