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George Lucas Says Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

In a recent interview, George Lucas compared selling the rights to his Star Wars franchise to Disney to a “breakup.” He said that in order to limit the emotional toll of that transaction, he had to disassociate himself from the newest installment of the Star Wars epic (due out in Dec.) Just as in the ending of a romantic relationship, a clean break was the only way to go.

Lucas is a Taurus by Sun sign, with Taurus Rising and Venus and Mercury in Taurus. And he has the Moon in Aquarius. That’s a lot of Fixed sign energy. People with a lot of stuff in Fixed signs are not big on change. They like to hold on to what they think of as “theirs”, and they place great emphasis on the concept of ownership.

Of course, Disney paid Lucas a boat-load of money for Star Wars. However, contrary to the popular opinion, money is not the be all and end all for Taurus people. Yes, Taurus likes money and has a practical appreciation for what it can buy, but it’s principles that really drive Fixed sign people.

The principle here is one of creative control. Lucas’ career has been guided by the principle that no one should have control over the creations of his imagination except George Lucas. That principle has worked pretty well for Lucas over the years. Surrendering was not easy.

The deal to sell Star Wars to Disney was finalized in December of 2012. At that time, Lucas’ secondary progressed Moon and Mercury were both close to his natal Jupiter, signaling a time to relax and reap rewards. Lucas was thinking about retirement and spending more time with his family. And, of course, the check Disney was handing him represented an ample reward for the imaginary universe he had created.(Click here to see Lucas' horoscope with progressions for Dec, 2012.)

However, at the same time, Lucas’s secondary Venus was conjunct his natal Pluto. This represents a time of emotional reassessment, and a realignment of priorities with regard to relationship. (In other words, think of it as Star Wars telling George Lucas, “It isn’t you, it’s me” or “I’m sorry, darling, I’ve decided to go in a different direction.”)

So, Lucas’ reference to a “breakup” is actually rooted in the situation in his horoscope at the time. Actually, the break wasn’t nearly as clean as Lucas made it seem. He remained on staff as a story consultant for a time. (Lucas has Mars in Cancer. People with Mars in Cancer are often a bit clingy.) But it was soon evident that the movie Disney wanted to make had little to do with Lucas’ vision, so he withdrew from the project.

We tend to think of Venus and Mars in terms of our relationships with other people. However, they really have influence over anything in which we have an passionate or emotional investment. Leaving behind something we’ve created, a product of our energy and our individuality can be like a breakup. And breaking up is hard to do.