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Charlie Sheen “Owns” His Saturncharlie sheen

Today’s announcement by Charlie Sheen that he is H.I.V. positive is hardly surprising. Given his lifestyle, the only question seems to be whether he contracted the disease from rampant drug use or indiscriminate sexual contacts.

Nor is it a surprise in the astrological sense. If I had been looking this far ahead back in Jan 2013, when I last wrote about Sheen, I would have certainly spotted this as a crucial time in his life.

Sheen is currently feeling the pressure of an important turning point in one of his Saturn cycles. (Click on Charlie Sheen to see the horoscope.) Saturn crossed hisDescendant last month. One of the features of these aspects is the need to take responsibility for our actions, to name our misdeeds and admit our failings. Often this comes because Saturn has back us into a corner and given us little choice.

In his announcement, Sheen admitted that he had previously been paying “friends” who knew about his condition to keep it quiet. The other important aspect that is impacting Sheen’s horoscope is an opposition by transiting Uranus to his natal Venus, which was also exact last month. This indicates a drastic change in relationships. Obviously, Sheen’s “relationship” with his blackmailers has reached an sudden ending point.

Sheen’s states that he received the H.I.V. diagnosis four years ago, when he was in the midst of his battle with “Three and a Half Men” creator Chuck Lorre, which led to him being fired from the show and his well-known meltdown. At that time, I wrote that Sheen’s horoscope was being impacted by some very heavy secondary progressions. Progressed Mars and Venus were square his Sun, while Saturn (which is opposed to Sheen’s Sun in his natal horoscope) had progressed back to a degree directly opposite to his natal Sun.

Mars and Venus have everything to do with sex. At the time it was easy to read that as applying to the squad of female porn stars who were living in Sheen’s home, but obvious there was a dimension of this that was hidden from the public eye. Sheen’s sex life was going through a transformative event.

The closing in of Saturn on his natal Sun also played a role in Sheen’s diagnosis. As sometimes happens with opposition aspects, Sheen had sought to expand his Sun by disowning the discipline and responsibility of Saturn. When Sheen received the news that he was H.I.V. positive all the restrictive, chastening, punishing energy of Saturn, that he had previously denied, came crashing down upon him.

At the present time the Mars and Venus progressions in Sheen’s horoscope have passed, but the progressed opposition to Saturn persists, and will probably persist for the rest of the actor’s life. Sheen is going to have to continue to find ways to “own” his Saturn, to accept its dictums of patience, self-control and responsibility, or face another big crash.

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