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Jimmy Fallon Falls Down (a Lot)FAllonImage

Just as Jimmy Fallon seems to be on the verge of become this generations Johnny Carson, he is beset by a string of injuries. These accidents might be considered minor affairs, if they didn’t occur one after another, after another. The frequency of Fallon’s injuries have caused people to move beyond the typical excuse of just plain clumsy, to a darker explanations involving too many late night parties and way too much alcohol.

Even without a time of birth, it is easy to see where this Sun sign Virgo (which usually provides for an even, down-to-earth temperament) gets his famous bubbly personality. In the partial horoscope presented here (click on Jimmy Fallon to see a chart done for noon on his birthday) we find his Venus in a close opposition to Jupiter. The two happiest planets in the solar system are working in tandem. Generally, planets in opposition are in conflict, but Venus and Jupiter are so similar in their joyous embrace of living that this conflict is muted, and what we see is an excess of pleasantness.

One negative that this opposition does provide is a tendency toward self-indulgence. Fallon’s personality is very much oriented toward pleasure, and it would be very easy for him to fall into the fallacy that too much of a good things just has to be better. This could be the aspect behind the accounts of Fallon’s wild NYC revelries, but I’m looking elsewhere.

In Fallon’s partial horoscope we also see signs of a much darker and more troublesome layer to his personality. His Mercury is square Saturn, while he has Mars conjunct Pluto. These aspects show us that there is an intensely serious side to Fallon’s makeup that most people never get to see. Also, Mercury square Saturn is an aspect strongly related to depression. It provides for a tendency toward self-criticism, pessimistic thinking and flawed reasoning.

The conjunction of Mars and Pluto is even more worrisome. It is an aspect that calls upon us to dig deep and explore the darkest reaches of our subconscious. If we are unwilling to make this journey, which typically requires discipline and hard work, that same energy can turn sour and destructive, causing us to intentionally hurt other people, or even ourselves.

What makes this conjunction of Mars and Pluto even more significant is the fact that Fallon has the Moon in Scorpio. Having the Moon in Scorpio isn’t a bad thing, but it does make it easy for a person to bury his or her feelings and insecurities beneath layers of emotional residue. Tracking down why a person with the Moon in Scorpio does anything requires a long search through the dank basement of the subconscious.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Jimmy Fallon has these darker elements in his personality. The same is true of many famed comedians. I think what we’re seeing with the various injuries that Fallon has recently suffered is a man in the process of discovering and wrestling with the “other” side of himself. The only thing we can do is stand aside and wish him luck.

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