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The Give and Take of Venus and Mars

Venus and Mars are traveling across the sky in relative proximity right now. Venus is just a few degrees ahead of Mars. So, if you have a planet or significant point in your natal chart in late Virgo, you’re probably going to get a dose of pleasure when Venus crosses it, followed by a dose of pain when Mars comes along.

Marco Rubio recently got a taste of this. No sooner had Time magazine come out with an article comparing his campaign to that of Barack Obama in 2012, and intimating that Rubio could be the one “establishment” Republican able to snatch the nomination away from new-comers like Donald Trump and Ben Carson, than suspicions of financial impropriety by Rubio spread across the internet.

We don’t have a birth time for Marco Rubio (click on Marco Rubio to see a chart do for noon on his birthday), and that severely limits our ability to see what is powering his recent rise in the polls. However, it is evident that he started his campaign at the right time in his life. Saturn was opposed to his natal Saturn in Dec. 2014 (one of the important points in his Saturn Cycles). The next month Rubio began to canvassing big money donors for financial backing for his run for the presidency.

Things always go better when we are in step with our Saturn Cycles. (Another example of this is the campaign of Donald Trump.) I think this is one reason why Rubio is now edging out his one-time mentor, Jeb Bush. But, within the limitations of this partial horoscope, it is difficult to point out anything particularly “presidential” in his chart.

The most dynamic aspect in the horoscope in the square between Rubio’s Mercury and Venus and his Mars in Aquarius. Mercury conjunct Venus makes Rubio a great storyteller, and he has a great story to tell. The son of poor Cuban immigrants, Rubio pulled himself up from poverty to the U.S. Senate. Telling this story has become the heart of his bid for the Republican nomination.

The problems will come when someone challenges this story, interrupts his script or just makes Rubio angry. That’s when the square to Mars can kick in, leading to impulsive actions and aggressive, imprudent statements that could severely damage his campaign.

On the other hand, we have the Moon. Without a time of birth, we can’t know exactly where Rubio’s Moon is in his chart, but one possibility is that it makes a very nice trine with both his Jupiter and his Neptune. This is an excellent aspect for popularity, and depending on how the Moon in his chart, it could be sufficient to win him a large and loyal following.

There are other issues in Rubio’s horoscope I could talk about, but without a complete horoscope it would all be conjecture. We will have to wait and watch the news to see whether it will be Mars, or the Moon that will win out in Rubio’s run for the nomination.

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