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Jeb Bush Calls for a Do-OverBushJebImage

People with the Sun in Aquarius tend to make their own rules, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Aquarian Jeb Bush has declared that he was re-tooling his campaign for the Republican nomination for president. Essentially, he was declaring a do-over. (Click on Jeb Bush to see his chart.)

In a previous article on Bush, written in Sept, (click here to see the article)  I had speculated that the aspects in Bush chart were inauspicious for beginning a political campaign, that they described “self-defeat.” His weak numbers in the polls --  running fourth at the present time, far behind political newcomers, Donald Trump and Ben Carson -- seem to have proved me correct. But now the astrological winds have changed. Mars and Venus were in a conjunction near his Ascendant when Bush announced his renewed push for the nomination, an energizing aspect at one of the high energy points of any horoscope.

Unfortunately for Mr. Bush, transiting aspects between Mars and Venus have a short duration. At the moment it looks like Jupiter, which is trailing Mars and Venus in the sky, will soon add its expansive and optimistic weight to the mix, but Jupiter will go retrograde (moving backwards relative to the Earth) in January, just short of a conjunction with Bush’s Ascendant. It seems that W’s little brother just can’t catch an astrological break.

So, Bush’s call for a do-over will be ignored, at least by the heavens. Does this mean that his campaign is doomed? Not completely, I think. In Bush’s chart, his natal Sun is opposed to Pluto. He is not a quitter, and he’s quite capable of rising triumphant from the ashes of defeat. It’s never a good idea to count out a person with this kind of Pluto aspect until the contest is over.

Overall, however, Bush’s greatest obstacle will remain himself. Even though the opposition of Pluto and the Sun does describe and yen for power, and the square aspect between Saturn and his Sun provides a strong need for accomplishment, the placement of his Sun on the cusp of the Sixth House tells us that his true role in the world is as a servant, not a leader.For the past several years, Bush’s secondary progressed Jupiter has been square his natal Sun, expanding his ego and forcing him to push himself to the forefront as governor of Florida. That aspect is now on the wane, and I think that, deep down, Jeb Bush is glad. Even if the miracle were to happen, and Bush’s new and revitalized campaign were to catch fire and propel him into the White House, my opinion is that he would be less-that-happy victor.