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Leah Remini Takes on Scientology

Actress Leah Remini was raised in the Church of Scientology and, at one time, was a vocal supporter of its ideology. And then she started asking questions. The more questions she asked the more heavy-handed the response from the leaders of the church became. Then, in 2013, she left the Church of Scientology. Now Remini is publishing a book, and giving interviews sharply critical of the Church and its methods.

Even though we don’t have a time of birth for Remini, there’s a lot to say about her partial horoscope. (Click onLeah Remini to see a chart done for noon on her birthday.) Remini is a Gemini by Sun sign. Asking questions, even inconvenient and irritating questions, is certainly a quality we expect from Geminis, but it is the aspects to Leah’s Sun that caught my interest.

First of all, the Sun in Remini’s horoscope is trine Jupiter. Jupiter trine the Sun expands the ego and provides for extraordinary self-confidence. These are traits that no doubt helped Remini find success as an actress, but there is a down side to this aspect. This excess of self-esteem very often means that these people have trouble recognizing limitations, and following orders.

The other aspect to Remini’s Sun is a very close square from Pluto. This is a very different kind of aspect. Geminis are often accused of lacking focus and determination, of being more talk than action, but not with this aspect. Pluto square the Sun can’t be satisfied with superficial knowledge. Remini is a Gemini who needs to dig deep and find a connection with an ultimate truth.

Also, people with the Sun in a hard aspect with Pluto often go through life with a burden. It might be something physical, like an injury or handicap, or it might be something psychological, like an uncontrolable compulsion or an unmet emotional need. Or it might be a long-running battle with an entity much larger and more powerful than themselves.

Without a time of birth there is not much else I can say about Leah Remini’s horoscope, but just these few details is enough to show us that Scientology may have picked a fight with the wrong celebrity. The Church of Scientology has taken some major hits recently, with a HBO series and book (Going Clear) revealing their Gestapo-like methods. Remini’s book will no doubt be another blow. Still, I have a feeling that, for her, the fight is not over. With Sun square Pluto, she is not interested in battles. She wants to win the war.

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