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Joe Biden Says No

I had avoided looking at Joe Biden’s horoscope during his long rumination over whether or not to enter the race for the Democratic nomination, partly because I was distracted by other matters, and partly because I really didn’t want to see him enter the contest. I find Biden’s plain spoken manner (Sagittarius Rising) refreshing, but I felt that it would become a liability in today’s mean and gaff-hungry political environment.

If I had looked at Biden’s chart (click on Joe Biden to see the horoscope) I would have probably been even less inclined to make a statement. While Biden was mulling over the decision of whether or not to run, Saturn was moving closer to its final passage over his natal Ascendant. As I state in my book, “Saturn Cycles: Charting the Changes in Your Life”, this conjunction typically coincides with an important turning point in a person’s life. Biden was obviously feeling the pressure to do something important. The question was, would it be something important for his political career, or his personal well-being.

When Biden was elected Vice President in 2008 Saturn was transiting his natal Midheaven, another important turning point. Saturn on the Midheaven is traditionally associated with the peak of a person’s professional life. In reality it doesn’t always work that way, though it typically represents a defining moment. For Biden, however, this seems to have been the case.

The fact that transiting Saturn would also be active in Biden’s chart as his final term and Vice President winds down is fairly predictable. There’s a long tradition of vice presidents seeking to move up a notch. Sometimes it works, (as in the case of George H.W. Bush), and sometimes it doesn’t (as in the case of Al Gore.) So it is only natural to think that Biden, who has already made two runs for the nomination, would sooner or later throw his hat into the ring.

When Saturn crossed an angle in the horoscope (like the Midheaven or the Ascendant) it asks us a question. The specific question will vary from person to person, but essentially it is a question about priorities. “What is truly important to you, and how hard you willing to work to get it?”

On a political level, it is likely that Biden’s decision not to run was based on Hillary Clinton’s strong showing in the first Democratic debate, and the fact the Bernie Sanders’ popularity leaves very little room for him to run to the left of Clinton. However, the astrology of the matter tells us that there was another, deeper reason for his step back from the contest. He made a sober assessment of his priorities, and decided that becoming president was not the most important thing in his life.

Was it a wise decision? Since this is Saturn we’re talking about, only time will tell. However, Biden might not have to wait too long. Transiting Saturn will be opposite his natal Saturn in August, when the nominee will be named. What happens then, and how Biden feels about what happens will be a reveal a great deal about the correctness of the decision he just made.