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Lamar Odom CollapsesOdom Image

The Scorpio Anti-Defamation League has a problem with the Lamar Odom (born Nov. 6). This is a group (established in 2015 in my own imagination) that seeks to combat the nasty rumors that Sun sign Scorpios are a bunch of certifiable sex addicts. A spokesperson for the group expressed sympathy and support for the basketball star, who is currently recovering from a drug induced coma, but added, “Why did he have to be found in a brothel.”

We can joke now, since Odom seems to be recovering from the collapse he suffered last week while in a Nevada house of prostitution, but there was real concern immediately after the incident that the (almost) former husband of Khloe Kardashian would die. In the days that followed it was revealed that Odom had mixied alcohol and cocaine with an herbal “Viagra” before he collapsed. It was Odom’s addiction to cocaine that ended his marriage.

 Of course, astrologers want to know what was going on in Odom’s horoscope. Unfortunately, we don’t have a time of birth for Odom, but a chart done for noon on his birthday tells us a lot. (Click onLamar Odom to see this partial horoscope.)

Right now Saturn is passing over Odom’s natal Venus. This is a classic “loneliness” aspect. Saturn rules restriction, while Venus rules affection and companionship. It has been reported that Odom had ordered the “Girlfriend” package at the brothel, which included sex, but also several days of cuddling on the couch and watching TV. Sounds like a lonely guy to me.

At the same time that Saturn was casting its dark shadow over Odom’s need to be loved, Jupiter was sextile his Sun. Jupiter expands. Sextile the Sun, it brings a need to pamper and indulge oneself. Odom spent thousands of dollars on his “experience” in the brothel, and that’s not counting what he must have paid for the booze and cocaine. Then, when his body reached its sensual limits, he apparently sought to expand those limits through medication.

Odom’s mistake is pretty obvious. You don’t solve a Saturn problem through escapism or sensual pleasure. In fact, having a good time when under a Saturn aspect is typical very difficult, because Saturn is always reminding you of your responsibilities and your limitations. You beat a Saturn transit by squarely facing those responsibilities and dealing with them in a practical and constructive manner.

Again, we do not have a complete horoscope for Lamar Odom, so it is impossible to know if this crisis will be a life changing experience, or just another turn in his journey down the drain. We can hope that he will be able to latch on to some of the higher energy of Pluto, including this Sun sign’s capacity for transformation and rising stronger from the ashes of defeat. If Odom is able to do this, he will not only make a lot of people who love him happy, he will earn kudos from the Scorpio Anti-Defamation League

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